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Lisa is an author and has been working as an Intuitive Energy Coach for over ten years. She was born with her intuitive abilities, but did not realize what she was supposed to do with them until she worked with a Paranormal Investigator, a Mayan Shaman and began her attunements in Reiki and became a Reiki Master.

Lisa realized she could see spirits and energy when working with a Paranormal Investigator. She learned that people sense energy in different ways and energy is all around us. Lisa can help you understand your own unique way of sensing and balancing the energy around you.

The Mayan Shaman helped Lisa acknowledge her gifts of healing with energy. She became aware of where tension was stored in the body and how to release that tension and energy. Lisa can see why, where and how each person stores energy within their body and how to release that energy. Lisa is able to see, sense, hear and feel energy.

She began her Reiki attunements, a form of Japanese energy healing, and became a Reiki Master. She learned how to create a safe space and how to accept and give positive energy. She also realized that it is important to let go of anything from the past that is tying up energy and to replace it with positive energy. Once this space is created, the focus can be on becoming energy conscious, intuitive and developing your natural abilities.

Lisa teaches the importance of balance in life. She enjoys teaching practical tools and techniques to help make life more enjoyable. She supports you in living your life consciously. Lisa will teach you how to become aware of your energy and the energy around you. You will learn to trust yourself and act on your intuition. You, as well as those around you, will notice a change in how you live your daily life.

Lisa currently lives in San Diego, California with her family.

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