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Ballad Publishing is a small publishing house devoted to working with new and indie authors. Our goal is to help authors reach their goal of having a professional book presented to the public.

We do this by allowing authors to retain ownership of their work, guiding them through editing, cover design, layout and marketing phases. These services are specialized to the author's needs. In most cases if services are purchased (for a reasonably price), we do not claim a portion of the royalties for ourselves. This offers the author the highest return on their book. Instead, we charge a minimal fee for processing book orders and royalty payments...and by minimal we mean 10%, not to exceed $10 per month. If there are no book orders and no royalty payments to be issued, you are NOT charged this fee. We also do not mark up your book to sell it to you. You pay what the print and shipping cost is, plus the 10%, not to exceed $10 per order fee. That is it.

We are a company founded by an author. She insisted that the way we make money is only when our authors are making money.

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