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  • Dirty Little Angels on Oct. 05, 2010

    This book in many ways is one of the best books I have read. The book is very brief with only 848 pages in iBook but was instantly drawn in to the story and read half of it in one sitting. As far as character development it was somewhat relatable to "let the right one in" as far as the (main)ish character is one that does terrible some would say evil things but gain the most sympathy because until others their situation is based on the situations that they are in. In this situation the main character is in a family with withdrawn mother after an event mentioned early in the book and then a not-good-for-anything father that would rather feed his alcoholic and gambling addictions than work at getting a new job. The one family member that she can hang out with is her violent brother with no direction in life. The main character is Hailey caught in between this. Concluding Thoughts: This is one of the only books that wasn't predictable only until the last chapter and really was a page turned that I would highly recommend. My only qualm with this book is at parts of the book I felt that it needed more meat in the details however the twists and turns fully made up this. For being a first book this was great the author did a really good job. A must read for those that have the time