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Smashwords book reviews by Brandi

  • Found In Blood on April 24, 2012

    Excellent paranormal fiction. HBO might sink it's teeth into the main character Nelson, and if not, I am sure a demon will, again. Once again (also read Dreams of Gray) Lawless does a fantastic job of writing his characters. You can feel the righteous jealousy rolling off of Carol, Nelson's wife, and also dislike Elle and her scheming for Nelson right from her introduction into the book. I am anxious to start the next book in this series to find out more about Mattie, Father Bennet, Sam the incubus, and of course Nelson. Lawless describes the exorcisms in graphic and sometimes gory detail, but never describes something unnecessarily just for the gore factor. His monsters/demons are believable and horrible. His demons are all vastly different, but have one recurring trait, the eyes. There is no shortage of horror in this novel. You will find your heart rate elevated, and your eyes racing through the pages.
  • Forged with Blood on April 24, 2012

    I don't easily get as caught up in the emotion of a book as I did when reading Forged with Blood. I was so wrapped up in the story line that I literally couldn’t put the book down. The main character Nelson has come far on his demon destroying journey, but still has room for growth in the upcoming installment of the series. Lawless makes you fall in love with his characters (at least the good guys), and makes the relationships between them believable. I found myself near tears when Carol, Nelson’s wife, came close to her end, but this isn’t a love story. Don’t be confused. This is a truly wonderful, and vividly descriptive horror novel. Lawless draws you in, and leads you on a journey via his own map. He makes you trust Sam the incubus just as Nelson had begun to, and shocks you as Nelson was shocked when Sam betrayed him. Even though Nelson was warned not to trust Sam, many times… The dream sequences are just as horrifying if not more so than the exorcisms. Lawless uses cues from all 5 senses to engage the reader. The sound cues alone will have me resting uneasily for a few nights. There continues to be great potential in this series. The first two books have been beyond exciting and I can’t wait to find out if there will be a third.