Barbara J. Peters


Barbara J. Peters is a gifted communicator with a laser beam ability to cut through the tangle of personal drama to get results and relationships that last a lifetime. As a Licensed Professional Counselor, her counseling style is interactive, respectful, non-judgmental, and supportive. “A large part of my practice is dedicated to working with couples. In my experience, most relationships can be saved, but romantic relationships are always evolving, so they need to be worked on constantly. You need to do that with the right tools.”

In her first book, The Gift of A Lifetime: Building a Marriage that Lasts, Barbara lends insight from her years of experience as a couples’ counselor to give people those essential tools and guide them on successfully using them. “When that happens, love and respect are restored and couples can reclaim a fulfilling relationship,” she explains. The messages in the book can make the difference between having a second honeymoon or seeking a divorce attorney.

In her second book, Barbara focuses directly on the issues of communication, trust, forgiveness, intimacy, acceptance, friendship, and love, with a unique approach from three perspectives: The man’s, the woman’s, and Barbara’s (the counselor’s). He Said, She Said, I Said is a book that truly shows how one’s thoughts can impact behavior and create misunderstanding.

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