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  • Mermaid in Vegas on Sep. 26, 2012
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    I thoroughly enjoyed this story! At only 79 pages it is not exactly a book, but it was well-written, the characters were rounded out, with some depth to them. The internal dialogue was rich and essential to the story, and never came off as exposition. The interactions between the characters were quite believable, not just predictable. The pacing was tight and well-constructed. The plot was a little predictable but the execution of the details made the story enjoyable even so. I mean, you knew right at first that somehow he was going to rescue that mermaid, but you could hardly wait to see how it came about. I also really enjoyed the attitude of the main chacter towards women. The author writes strong female characters and the protagonist is a man who really appreciates them. I enjoyed the fact that he really loved his wife and how he showed that, without ever really saying those words. There were a couple of typos and in one case a "not" was missing which rendered the sentence quite confusing, but other than those instances, it was the kind of story that reads well enough for you to temporarily escape your real life and feel for a time as if you were in that other life. That is my definition of a truly well-written story. (One caveat: I did not appreciate the use of the F-word, and for this reason will not refer the story to anyone else. In my opinion, a good story can convey all it needs to convey without resorting to offensive words like that. I realize that may attitude may not be the norm in our society, but I think good writing need not be offensive to be effective.)