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Barbra E Ross lives in Michigan. She is a nurse by day and a writer of fiction at night.

A Mortal Indiscretion; Author's Edition is the first in a series. It is a vampire romance with mystery and action. The sequel, Marzio's Revenge is now available. The third in the series, Zeus will be released in 2018.

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Smashwords Interview

When did you first start writing?
I started writing in school, and I fell in love with sharing stories. It was so cool to be able to think like someone else. pretend to be in another person's shoes and do what they would do. I had good reactions from friends and teachers from my stories. I decided I wanted to write screenplays and went to school in NYC. But, back in those days, it was more who you knew and not what you knew, so I became discouraged and headed back home to Michigan. But writing would not be ignored. And the story of Justin and Ambra became a way for me to escape life. I had a dream one night, about a woman who saved her lover from certain death. I woke and began writing that night. Then, it all fell into place and the story was born. I was at first very embarrassed to share the story. So many people have preconceived ideas about vampire stories. I let a few close friends read the story, printed form, on 400 sheets of paper even! I went through alot of paper and ink! But then, people would tell me that they could not stop reading. One lady told me that she sat in her chair and did not do one thing until she finished the book. That was the start. I had people calling, begging for more pages, texting me, yelling at me for more. I was stunned. I knew i liked it, but i had no idea how it would impact other people. And now here I am, self published.
What motivated you to become an indie author?
Because i knew I had a great story. I put over 10 years into this story, writing and rewriting it. Making the choice to go public was difficult for me. But i believed I had an idea that was unlike any out there. Most vampire stories are about the poor girl and the bad vampire guy. Mine is the opposite. It is told from the man's point of view and he meets the vampire. Ambra is like a breath of fresh air to me. She is innocent, if you could call a vampire innocent, and has a set of standards that she holds dear. Then, the amount of people who truly loved the book and their encouragement. I could not have pulled it off without their advice.
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