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Smashwords book reviews by Barry Grumbine

  • Blazing Bicycle Saddles on Aug. 28, 2012

    This book is a thoroughly enjoyable read. It is funny, adventurous, enlightening and inspiring. Although its placement in the non-fiction section is questionable, I do concede that history is written by the victor. Admiration: These guys just keep on plugging along come rain or fog, bloody knee or busted rib. I now long to be a retired old geezer and to invade another continent by bicycle. I shall eagerly await both "Book II: Homecoming, A Victory Lap of Fairest Africa" and "Tour de Farce Researchers Present: A Supplement Guide to High Octane Cycling".
  • Running Technique on April 04, 2014

    About five years ago I started having knee problems. Pain, swelling, loss or range of motion... I did the normal things Rest Ice Compression Elevation, basically just taking it easy. It got a little better, but not enough to go up stairs two at a time. Saw a doctor who basically told me it was not bad enough to do anything and to go away until it needs surgery. The main problem was my poor physical condition. After 2-3 years of struggle, I came across this book. Brian makes some very compelling arguments for his running techniques and training insights. Honestly, the writing could use a fair bit of polish, and I did not finish the book (the training exercises part), but I want to sincerely thank Brian and Smashwords for the inspiration to get me back out on the road after not running for nearly 20 years. I have since completed several local 5K races with times good enough to place in my age group. This book was just what I needed to get me moving.