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Smashwords book reviews by Patti

  • Bunnies on July 04, 2010

    Good story! Starts out with a feel like a normal children's story with a hint of foreshadowing, and then gets darker and definitely creepier.
  • Cupcake of Love on July 04, 2010

    A cute, funny, fantasy romance.
  • An Inconvenient Marriage on July 06, 2010

    A charming book with likable characters. While the story takes place in 1899, I found the modern language to be a little offputting, but overall I enjoyed An Inconvenient Marriage enough to read the entire thing in one evening, even though it's not a type of book I usually read. I'm glad the characters got their happy ending :)
  • Have Gun, Will Play (a Mick and Casey Mystery) on Nov. 27, 2010

    Have Gun, Will Play offers upbeat characters in this old west crime mystery. The story follows the adventures of married couple Mick and Casey - she's the sharpshooter, he's the talker - as they get into more and more trouble. Luckily they also find their way back out with the help of his figurin' and her skilled gun play. Some interesting bad guys, a murder and a beautiful woman round out this offering. While the end gets a little over-busy, and the pacing in the middle could be a little better, I really enjoyed this book, and am definitely looking forward to the sequel.
  • The Emo Bunny That Should on Jan. 25, 2011

    At last - MY kind of children's book! If you love gloom, wear lots of black, prefer dark days and never wanted to go play when you were a child, I strongly suggest you read The Emo Bunny That Should. It's a good punk/emo/goth read, and you'll learn more than you wanted to know about the Easter Bunny :D
  • An Unproductive Woman on Feb. 22, 2012

    I saw the author's thread on MobileRead linking to this ebook, and decided to give it a shot. Even though I didn't know what to expect, I surprised myself - after reading part of the sample, I ended up reading the entire thing in one evening. It was emotionally satisfying, and I found that I came to care about some of the characters and what happened to them. I consider the story to be an intimate, domestic tale that is character-driven, and also situation-driven. There are no explosions, crimes, famous people or high adventure. We get to know the characters over the course of the story, and there is plenty of character development for some of the main characters as well as an interesting sub-plot. The back story was well placed, without too many flashbacks in too many places. There are a few reasons the story gets 4 stars instead of 5 from me. First, there are times when the dialog is fairly formal, and suddenly a response will have modern slang from one of the characters who rarely or never uses such expressions and seems jarring when compared with the rest of the book. I also ran across some words that did not have the meanings that the author thought they did as the sentences didn't add up. I did check some of them in case I was mistaken and they had an additional meaning, but that wasn't the case for those words. One last thing is that the author didn't write about what I think of as the payoff. I don't want to put any spoilers in this review, but when something happened that one of the main characters had been wishing for - in fact, dreaming of - for years occured, we didn't get to join her and her husband in person to share the news with them together in person. Instead, the author skipped forward a couple years in the future. The bottom line is that even with some issues, I enjoyed this book enough to have finished it, and I expect to enjoy it in a few years when I re-read it. WIth a little editing, "An Unproductive WOman" could be even better, but as it is, it's a good read.