They call me Bruce, some call me Brucey and the rest call me Dad. All my life I have wanted to write fantasy and poetry with some science fiction every now and then and by now being a stay at home dad of 3 boys and a step daughter, I can do so. I live in a small town in South Eastern, Ontario, Canada and as us hicks here say to some that have never heard of Port Hope, a Blink Town. I did grow up in Scarborough, Ontario but my parents moved my two brothers and I here just in time, when I was 10. I was born in 1976 and am thirty-six years old now. In an education type of way, it was a wrong move but for safety concerns, a longer life.
I started experimenting with poetry when I was twelve and attempted to write my first fantasy novel at age 14. The novel writing I gave up but poetry, I still like to write. Some call my poetry songs and most agree to them being poems. The only disadvantage to poetry is not being able to hear how it is read or the tone the words written are being spoken. Currently I am working on a fantasy novel with a goal of at least 120 000 words and when I need a break, like to write poetry. I have a strong passion to write and give creativity a whole new meaning

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