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  • Canvas on April 25, 2010

    Being more of a fan of long novels, short stories are something I've started getting into recently. And boy, what a doozie of a twisted one to get into this style of storytelling with. It starts out as a personal look at an artist while he "talks with" his mother, or writes her a letter, about the art he's been creating. Yeah, was I ever wrong. To say that things get a bit twisted shortly after the opening would be a big understatement. For those loving a short dose (don't know if I could take this strength much longer)of a sick and twisted storytelling, Canvas is perfect. Just make sure to play happy music and leave the lights on while reading. It doesn't really help, but it helps keeps the closet monster at bay for the duration.
  • Breakers on April 25, 2010

    Saying sick, twisted, shocking, shiver inducing, or anything along those lines get redundant. But yeah, this is another offering from Mr. Cooley. It definitely gives me a knew reason to have someone else with me when the cable guy is coming. It also is a fun conspiratorial look into the interesting 'other worlds' that I'm sure are all around us as we continually and willingly submit to the mind numbing machine that holds us captive. Break free of the machine!
  • Woof on Feb. 11, 2011

    Beware of stray puppies wanting to play fetch. Dogs really are mans' best fiend. Great twists and turns with a healthy dose of suspense and smack you upside the head surprises - scary surprises that is. Stories like this will keep me checking out short stories. Maybe I should change my mind and get a cat.