Sharon Holland

Smashwords book reviews by Sharon Holland

  • Alien Species Intervention Books 1-3 on June 04, 2014

    Didnt think I would like it but I couldnt put it down!! I love paranormal books, and didnt think I would like this but...WOW!! Since there are 3 books I will just give you a taste of the 1st part....It takes place back during Prohibition in the US, where you had moonshiners racing in vehicles but a lot of people still used horses or just walked. Netty, a young girl from a poor family, loves animals. She didnt care if she had a boyfriend, she just wanted to tend to hurt animals. When, her family's friend writes his will, he leaves Netty all of his land, the lawyer that draws up the will wants the property so he starts to date Netty and gets her to marry him. On their wedding night the abuse starts, he breaks her nose then cuts off her hair, and treats her like a maid. When he isnt around she goes looking through his office and finds a bunch of hidden papers, some showing hes making and selling illegal alcohol, but also that the land belongs to her. When he finds out she has been in his office he is going to hurt her bad, but lucky for Netty there is a knock on the door, enough for her to flee with the clothes on her back, a small amount of money she had stashed and a coin from his coin collection. She goes home, to find her family farm in ruins, so she tries to fix it by herself. But she is drawn to a rock she use to hide by when she was a kid, while there she drops the coin from the collection. While trying to find it, he uncovers a small tunnel, in there she finds "Baby". Baby helps heal her, and in turn she brings him back to her house to help him. He helps her farm, which makes extra large fruit and veggies, which helps her sell them plus make her own stash of food to live off. A drifter shows up, and whats to help her fix things up, but also is attracted to Netty. They fall in love, but only to have the real husband and his buddies show up to destroy them. But even in death revenge can happen!!!
  • Bless Her Dead Heart on July 25, 2019

    Meg loves to keep us in our toes, and she does it again! A small town paranormal with a twist. One that could be a local legend or, from stories you hear, something that is ongoing in the small mountain towns. All small towns have secrets, as do the residents. One girl, while dealing with her own demons, is about to find out her family specializes in them.