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Gary W. Moore grew up in a small town near the boot heal of Missouri, but ended up there because of tragedy. His mother died when he was 3 and then his father when he was 11. He was considered a change of life baby as they were both well into their 40’s when he came along.

As he was the youngest in the family, the three oldest siblings were married and moved out before he was old enough to walk, so he didn’t really know them. After his father’s death he was forced to move in with his oldest sister and her family. His two closest siblings (in age) were also in the moving van.

So a three bedroom house in St. Louis was being replaced by a two bedroom trailer. Two adults and 5 children living in a home that comfortably fit 3 people. Thankfully, this would only last for a few months. His sister and her husband were in the process of having a home built. Due to the new additions, changes were made, and the two girls would each be getting their own bedroom, while the three boys would be stuck in one. The math never did make sense to him, but the boys got along, where the girls didn’t. So, logically it was sound.

The change from a city of hundreds of thousands to a town of 300 was quite strange. And the fact that there were no minorities seemed odd. Some of Gary’s closest friends in St. Louis were black, and here it was nothing but white faces.

School was quite different as well because of the size. Instead of housing only elementary or middle school students, this one held everyone from Kindergarten to 12th grade, and only had around 200 students. The Kindergarten classroom was next door to the Home Ec and Shop. The school Gary left in St. Louis had over 500 students and that was only an elementary. His class in this small town was even small compared to the others in the school with only 13 students.

He moved away from the small town after a close friend threatened to ‘out’ him. It was a scary situation, knowing how many in the community would enjoy making him an example to the youngins not to try homosexuality. So, he moved to Florida and stayed with his oldest brother and his family for a while. He fell in love with Florida and resided there for several years. But in 1996 he moved to Houston and finally learned how hot it gets in the South.

He never knew he would like to write, but a friend suggested he come up with a story so they could do some homemade videos and put them on the internet. A book is what he ended up with, and has decided to keep the series going. Five books have been written, along with a companion book, but more stories are possible.

Many locations mentioned in the books do exist, but some have been created for flavor, so don’t go looking for King’s Alley if you ever visit Houston. But if you do visit and want to have Gary’s favorite breakfast, go to Spanish Flowers and order Chilaquiles, you won’t be disappointed. Sorry, Sonya doesn’t work there any longer.

Smashwords Interview

Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?
Grew up in a very small town in South East Missouri called Marquand. This is one of the places that people only know about because they are related to someone there, or are in the witness protection program. The population is 278, and of course everyone knows everyone's business.

The advantage to growing up in a place like Marquand, is that you were never an outsider. Of course, those of us that are gay were careful to keep that hidden. I'm not sure how difficult it would be for a kid today to come out while in school there, but back in my day it wouldn't have been a good idea. If not someone from Marquand, you might have become a target by others once it got out. And yes, it would've.

I go back and visit when I can, since my sister still lives there. It is a bit different from the 4th largest city in American, where I currently live. No traffic, loud music, crime, or entertainment. It truly is a place cut off from the world. But, I mean that in a good way. I love my home town, but may not be crazy about most of the residents.
When did you first start writing?
Oh, that is an interesting question. Because I remember I started writing a book after seeing the movie Conan back in the 1980's. It was called, Krogar, The Destroyer. I don't think I got very far with the book, but I remember plucking out a couple pages on a type writer. It would be a few years before the Word Processor became common place, and many years before the home computer.

I didn't get back to any creative writing until 2009 when talking to a buddy about filming a series based on people we knew. The suggestion was made to write up a story and see what we can do. After typing a manuscript, that looked more like a play than a book, it was suggested to actually try publishing a book. So, that is what I did. Of course, after a little over $10,000.00 spent, I had books to sell but no buyers. When you are unknown, the only option is to self publish, and that is costly. Thankfully, Smashwords allows us novice writers to share our stories without putting us in the poor house.

I love to write and would truly like to continue. I am working on two series currently, but am mainly focusing on the one that is available. The other one, a fantasy based series will be my focus once I finish The Bear Chronicles.
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