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  • Fighting For Her Soul (Book One In The Relentless Undead Trilogy) on Oct. 10, 2012

    I really enjoyed the plot and characters...although I did have an issue with the actual writing. It didn't seem to flow for me, Victor and Claire's conversations seem forced. There was a lot of unnecessary punctuation and it changed characters abruptly with no warning too. But I think with more information/ descriptions..... more bulk that it would be a brilliant read.
  • The Blood Slave on Jan. 07, 2013

    Really great hot read but needs to be longer.... :)
  • Entangled on Jan. 23, 2013

    An enjoyable read. Great plot and characters, I'd like to read more about the others in this
  • The Night Journey on Jan. 31, 2013

    Short hot read, I'd like to read more about these angels :)
  • The Undead Heart (#1 in the Blood Thirst Series) on July 02, 2013

    Book provided by the author. This was a great read with an interesting plot. It didn't flow very well for me and seemed forced sometimes but it was still a good read
  • The Nightlife Series Box Set Books 1-4 on Sep. 17, 2013

    Book provided by the author. The Nightlife New York 4 stars This was a great read about the dark world of vampires. The plot was interesting and fast paced and kept me glued until the end. I enjoyed the characters and the darker side to their growing relationship. They hit a lot of bumps along the way but managed to come out the other side stronger. I'm looking forward to reading the next installment and seeing what mischief they can cause The Nightlife Las Vegas 3 stars Again a well written installment with an action packed, fast paced plot. I hate to say it but I didnt like Ana, she was too needy and whiney for me and I couldn't connect with her character. Aaron and Michelle seemed to have drifted slightly in this one which was a bit of a surprise as the last ended with them confessing their love for eachother. The Nightlife Paris 4.5 stars I think this was my favourite book in the series so far. I loved the word building and the characters. The plot was exciting and action packed. I enjoyed visiting Michelle's past, although heartbreaking. It was very well written and I couldn't put it down. Definitely a surprising turn of events in this one, I was not expecting it at all and I'm really looking forward to the next one. Blood Slave 4 stars This was a great read. It has an interesting plot, a lot of heart pumping scenes, and it kept me glued from start to finish. I loved Hopes character, she had been through so much but she wouldn't give up, dare I say it...hope :) Enrique was a bit closed off, I would have liked to have seen more emotion from him. This book was provided by the author through the PNR NaUBA group author/reader exchange