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  • The Second Coming on April 20, 2010
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    I wasn't sure what to expect as I sat down to read "The Second Coming (Words of the Prophecy)". In fact, the extent of my fantasy reading stopped at Harry Potter, and maybe a bit more adventurous, "The Lord of the Rings". I saw a trailer for this book and the words "What if God was immoral", splayed across the screen. I had to check this out. I have never been a religious person, believing in many different "classic scenarios", and sure enough within the first part of this book, I knew once again, that my beliefs would truly be broadened. I was transported into a post-apocalyptic world, as the creative writing made me feel present in the dark, secretive world of "what if"? Although the story is one that keeps the reader glued from the first words, it's the brilliance of the characters that truly make this journey feel personal. They are all beautifully warped, and one instantly falls in love with the way that they manaouver through their internal struggles and their surroundings. As each new character is introduced, I found myself conflicted as to who was my favourite. The most notable of these characters have to be the women. Whether good, or evil, they are portrayed as self sufficient, strong minded, ass kicking individuals, yet at the same time, the naivety of their internal wants and struggles are brilliantly executed with such grace. Everyone is hiding something and only the reader is treated to the true diversity of these characters which truly helps one adapt the "where you go, I will follow" attitude. It's a story of conflict, good versus evil (which Burton strategically lets the reader decide), but the who and what are good, always keeps you guessing. In a world where such chaos exists, this plainly to me, is the everyday journey of ones struggles and desires to find where one fits, and the cost that it takes to get there. This truly was a second coming for me as a reader as my world was turned sideways, and I was brought into a world of in-between and the distance that the author help me wander. It will make you as a reader realize that there is a greater importance of the why and who, you are.