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  • Finding the Baby Jesus on Nov. 19, 2012
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    A lovely warm and moving Christmas short story that touches on your emotions. Reminding us of the special meaning of Christmas, the love of family and the pleasure of giving. Visiting Grandpa at Christmas, Chris was reminded just how much he missed his grandma since she had died, they had been extremely close. Each year she would treat him to a special Christmas tree present just for him and she would also display wooden carvings of Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus, given to her by her father. Sadly when she had taken ill a fire had started in the house and the Mary and Joseph carvings were scorched and baby Jesus was lost. Grandpa had finally decided to display the two carvings this year but saddened that he could not find baby Jesus to complete the set. When Chris's friend, Hyrum, arrived at Grandpa's carol singing, Chris learnt that he lived as an orphan with nuns and his only Christmas wish was to have a coat to wear of his own size. Having complained so much about not getting his wish, a Tony Hawk skateboard, hearing this sadness and finding a rather special hidden present really made Chris stop and think about what was really important at Christmas Time. A beautiful tale that will make you feel Christmas glow.