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R. Harding is the author of a good many books that have been on Amazon's Kindle. Recently they began being published on Smashwords. Some of the many books include: Smokey, Milked Dry, Chicken Dare, The Will and a good many others. Also a series called the Werepires is available.
R Harding has written books of gay nature, but plans to expand to other areas before long. Many of the current books are very sexually and explicit in nature. You never know what is going to be contained in the books. Some of them are already more than shocking. These stories were written to get arousing pleasure from. R. Harding is not an accomplished bestselling author, so the books will have some flaws. If you read for style, or for literary quality, then these books are probably not for you.
Currently R. Harding has a website that is being worked on. You can go to it at: rhardingbooks.com. The E-mail address is: rhardingbooks@hotmail.com if you would like to drop a line to give ideas for future books or just to comment.

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