Holly Douglas

Smashwords book reviews by Holly Douglas

  • Nigel and Bekka on Jan. 07, 2014

    Once again Crystal Dawn weaves an amazing story about Legends of the White Wolf. This time the story is told about the mating and love of Nigel and Bekka one of the white wolves’. Nigel an alpha male with a pack in England and a seat on the Council meets Bekka at Aunt Daisy funeral and realizes that she is his soul mate. He stops at nothing to ensure that Bekka becomes his mate by kidnapping her and seducing her into their strong connection as mates. Kind, gentle and persistent he wins her over. Bekka a widow who still grieves in some ways for her first husband Charles has difficulty believing that Nigel this sexy, good-looking much younger looking wolf would be interested in her, a woman that looks older than him. Bekka struggles to come to terms of how she feels about Charles and the new feelings she developed for Nigel. In the middle of what should be their honeymoon Charles nephew Norbit kidnaps Bekka for himself. Bekka finds allies in strange placing and is returned to Nigel but Norbit is still at large. Nigel knows that Bekka will never be save from Norbit so they set a plan in place to capture him. Bekke and Nigel’s challenges do not stop with Norbit once they are back in England Bekke finds that she has a lot of work ahead of her as the alpha female of the pack. Crystal Dawn creates this wonderful world rich is stories, legends and history that sweeps the reader right into the story. Can’t wait to read the next addition to the Legends of the White Wolf.
  • Jericho on Feb. 18, 2014
    (no rating)
    Once again Crystal you have captured me with your story. I love these White Wolf cousins there is so much to explore. I always enjoy how you weave the POV’s it helps to create a rich and emotional story. The sex scenes are sizzling, steamy and sometimes make me blush, but they are so delicious and delightful. I love TJ, another strong female character that finds herself in all sort of trouble. Jericho hot sexy alpha what's not to love. I want so much more of course. The story flows really well and once I started reading I couldn’t stop. I am addicted.
  • Caged In on Feb. 27, 2014

    I am excited to have another Crystal Dawn story in my hands. With each new story involving the White Wolves Crystal weaves more information and characters for the reader to love. There is mystery having us wondering; who is kidnapping the White She Wolves?, who’s behind all the disruptions in many packs?, who’s the leader of the Forgotten Ones? and how far will they go to obtain what they want? With each new additional story Crystal gives out pieces to the larger puzzle. There are lots of hot, sexy wolves. There is action for wolves are not ones to sit still when their pack and mates are threaten. There is family that is continually growing and excepting new members. There is some steamy, sizzling sex scenes. And above all is love. In each story there is the love of at least one soul mated pair. Their struggles are not always easy but when they finally give into the the pull of a mated pair their lives become full and complete. I have always been fond of Cage from his first introduction. A Warden working for the Council who is the law in the wolf world. Cage has always wanted to keep wolves safe enjoys and loves his job. Until he is faced with his one failure in life his mate, Candida who has just become his new partner. Candi still hurting from Cage walking away from her seven years ago vows to be professional since she has worked hard to becoming a Warden. When the two work together there are some underlying struggles but either can deny that there is a pull between them. Working similar cases to see if they are connected the two learn to work together well. Yet Cage finds himself lost in wanting to protect Candi as his mate. Candi realizes that she is putting herself in danger decides to change into a wolf. Once the change starts the two cannot fight the attraction of mates but are so busy with the case they have not time to talk it out. New Alphas, new Witches, new allays and new enemies are all woven into Caged In. A must read in the White Wolf world Crystal Dawn has created. 4.5 stars
  • Hermes on July 09, 2014

    Sexy, beautiful, powerful gods and demons what more could a girl fancy? This love story contains more than life mates finding one another, there is danger on every side, with spies, and allies. Origins and others are trying to capture not only gods and demons but others and this leaves the Gods questioning "Why?" As the gods and demons watch two of their brothers mate they long for their own mate. Zeus and Sierra now Hermes and Cherish who will be next? Does Hades have a chance or has he ruin his it with Doc? Hopefully Crystal Dawn will give Hades some if his own medicine in the next book. This one brings Hermes and Cherish together yet none of it is easy.
  • Wilde Alpha on Sep. 05, 2014

    Crystal Dawn introduces to another pack in Wilde Alaska immersing the reader into her White Wolf world again. Alpha of the Wilde pack falls for one of the cousins, there are new enemies, old ravels, and more secrets come to light. This is the start of a new series yet it overlaps with other series Crystal Dawn has written with the White Wolves so a lot of characters are familiar. With each new book the reader has more puzzle pieces of the mystery and lives of the White Wolves. Once you start reading any of the series you are hooked wanting all the answers of who, what, where and how. In answering the readers questions Crystal Dawn has you falling in love with each new couple and character. This reader is looking forward to more of the Wilde pack series.