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  • The God of Mists and Shrouds on Feb. 21, 2012

    This was a deeply moving and highly enjoyable read. The pages turned themselves - I couldn't put it down until the very last page. I was very impressed with Keffler's historical research, being very much drawn into her evocative and vibrant portrayal of life in Babylon during Israel's exile. The characters were complex and compelling - Keffler allowed them to take a life of their own and, though at times tragic, I wasn't disappointed in the journey each of them took. In addition, and of more consequence to me, the act of observing the spiritual journey of Keffler's main characters was quite revealing. I experienced a renewal of hope and faith that I did not expect while reading about Ziona and Parva. It was the vision of the supernatural undercurrents in their lives that put my own experiences in an eternal perspective. Frankly, it reminded me that in addition to my own free will/choice, there is a supernatual dimension to the doubts I have and the barriers that exist between myself and God. I feel that remembered thus, I will have the tools I need to better address this spiritual warfare. Thank you to the author and I look forward to her next piece of work!