Tanja Bulatovic


I write, read, roam. I learn, unlearn, relearn. My dreams are to live softly. To remain maladjusted. To continue to breathe outside the system and to explore the entire planet before it disappears. Freedom is my favorite topic. Inspiring, motivating and showing people how to live free (anywhere) is my passion.

My name is Tanja with a 'j', but the 'j' is silent.
Spell it with an i or a y and I get really violent ;)
I love to help heal, inspire and make people 'feel'.
I'm a human sponge - a good thing as I cry easily.
I don't like noise or chaos or lower-vibe-energy public places that drain.
I'm a drifter, a creative being, floating about within this dream.

Ok, that's the poetry done with. As for the rest...hmmm, let's see...

Non linear fragments of a long story:

* I'm an introvert who's moved around for the most part of her life. Born in Serbia, I grew up in Austria and then Australia. I've lived in Japan, Europe, the Balkans and for a brief period in the Philippines. At the moment I'm in France because I kissed a frog who turned into my prince.

* Just before my 40th birthday, my ex and I ended our 9-year relationship. Devastated, heartbroken (and with no idea what to do with my life), I gave up my day job, sold my house, car, all my possessions and bought a one-way ticket to a new kind of freedom, which eventually became a new life.

* In my past life (in Australia), I was a formally trained (albeit reluctant and painfully shy) actor who spent 15 years (on and off) working in television, film and theater. I know the above sounds like a contradiction in terms, (and something only other painfully shy actors can understand)... but there you go. Actually I haven't 'worked' since moving to France. At first, because I couldn't speak the language. Now, I'm not sure what my excuse is, but I'm not itching to get back on the horse. Love the work. Don't love the industry.

What else...

* I'm an empath. Means I'm intuitive - good with people, good at standing in others' shoes and feeling their emotional/mental energy/conditions and state. Also real good at taking on other people's energy/pain/crap/stuff:) Needless to say, this can be exhausting, and sometimes it hurts, which is why I'm (more often than not) compelled to withdraw from the outside world.

* My life as an actor was a stepping-stone to writing. I started by writing travel articles for Escape Artist. Roger Gallo, the founder of EA then asked me to write a book about living in France. I did. He published it. After a few months, however, I decided to self-publish.

And so, 'Living in France Made Simple' is my first book and I feel proud because writing is a dream come true. Currently I'm working a new publication entitled
'Frenchmen on Sex, Love and Women'- yes...Oooo la la!!! - but I'll tell you more when we're a little older ;)

To Love and Freedom!


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