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  • The Erotica Anthology on Jan. 27, 2013

    If you are not 18, this book is not for you! Synopsis: Erin O'Riordan has penned some short stories, articles and film reviews for webzines such as Clean Sheets and the Erotic Woman. She has also contributed to Hustler Fantasies and Playgirl. This collection of short stories also has a sneak peek of Erin O'Riordan's full length novel, BELTANE, Pagan Spirits, Book 1. Also the previously unpublished "HERBERT". The collection is quite good. It seems to me it moved rather fast, maybe it was just a fast and furious read. They were fun interesting stories with a big touch of HEAT. In THE EROTICA ANTHOLOGY there are six short erotic stories and are more than hot and steamy. The titles are Herbert, Beltane, Anatomy of a Lesson (A Tribute to Our Bodies, Ourselves), 900, Innocent and Going With the Flow. Anyone who reads erotic stories will find more than one story to satisfy their need. If you are a fan for the heat of desire than you've found the right book. I especially like HERBERT Dante Sugar had rust colored hair that gently curled. The curls partially obscured his long, dark curly eye lashes and his brown-green eyes. He had luscious cinnamon lips. You could just eat him up. The descriptions made you a little warm, well, maybe a little hot. Dante Sugar was arrogant. He kept checking his reflection in the mirror over the bar and smoothing those curls. He was a full quarter faery on his father's side. Dark creature of the night. I feel somehow, that makes him all the more desirable. Like the bad boy. Beltane- original short story on which the novel was based occurs in the middle of May. First of Three important harvest festivals on the Pagan calendar. I received this complimentary e-book THE EROTICA ANTHOLOGY from the author, Erin O'Riordan for this unbiased review. The book contains unsuitable content for readers 17 and under and may be offensive to any age reader.
  • Crimson & Cream on Jan. 28, 2013

    CRIMSON and CREAM-The Oxbow Kingdom Trilogy by C.M. Skiera ( A portion from the Prologue) “Hate unnaturals,” Yduk Thiern murmured. “Always have, always will.” He stroked a hairy mole on his chin, while his boot sole slid back and forth across the desiccated surface of a coney skull rotting in the brushwood. The bashful breeze ruffled not a hair on Yduk’s eggshell-bald head. His greasy moustache hung too heavy to be bothered by a timid zephyr. Clad in burnished black-lacquered buckskin, he wore a hand-and-a-half sword on his hip and a crossbow over his shoulder. Dwarfed by the larger weapons, a deadly-thin dagger also hung at his belt. He stood unmoving—tall, lean, and hard—blending with the shadows. Now, past midnight on a cool summer’s eve in the low foothills south of Dwim-Halloe, he waited beneath an ancient Elven tree-tower. An unnatural lived inside. In the oak forest sprinkled with whitebeam and wych elm, a giant ash loomed overhead, silvery barkmagnificent in the moonlight. Long ago, the elves constructed a slender dwelling wound around the trunk, high in the concealing branches. Now the elves were gone, and a fugitive mage resided in the woodland spire. The Southlander intended to collect his bounty. The tracker scrutinized the rangy tree. With no ladder or low branches, he wondered how he would ascend to the elevated entrance of the unnatural’s dwelling. To Yduk, unnaturals proved the most dangerous prey. Wily and incalculable, they presented a risky confrontation. Yduk suspected enchantments guarded this venerable ash. Wards, illusions, or any variety of perilous trigger spells might protect the tree tower. After thoughtful deliberation, he decided not to ascend. He wouldn’t underestimate his adversary. Could wait him out, he pondered, he must come down—but that might take days. This particular unnatural wasn’t necessarily evil, nor had he committed any atrocity Yduk knew of........ OVERVIEW: Hounded by watchmen, trolls, goblins, and a relentless bounty hunter, thirteen-year-old Jetsam dreams of the day he'll no longer have to run for his life. A victim of circumstance burdened with a stubborn unlucky streak, each sunrise ushers in more difficulty for the resilient adolescent. An avalanche of life-changing events forces him to boldly decide his future. This book recounts Jetsam's adventurous tale of flight and discovery as the fugitive orphan unravels the tangled mysteries his tortured past while securing his tenuous future. Jetsam has lost everything; his family has been murdered and his birthright to attend the School of Magic has been revoked. To survive he has joined a gang of orphans who scour the tunnels under the city for food and supplies. His new life is riddled with dangers ranging from creatures that also live in the tunnels to the city guards who have no patience for orphaned kids. Even with all of the adversity the children face they have managed to create a happy home for themselves until further tragedy strikes forcing Jetsam to leave Dwim- Halloe. Jetsam's only hope of ever having a normal life is to find the most wanted man in the land, Seryn Vardan. His quest will not be easy. Yduk the bounty hunter is hot on his trail and the lands are packed with peril. REVIEW: CRIMSON and CREAM is filled with action. It's a fantasy adventure of a character that you want to win, Jetsam. The author, C.M.Sciera created a book that was easy, it felt like you were right there. Amazing job of writing. His descriptions of the creatures and surrounding were so lifelike. This is definitely a keeper. You don't want to put this book down. It was a story of survival of the fittest and searching for the truth. You just can't put this book down. You turn the page and you can't wait to turn the next. The author can't write the next two books fast enough, since this is a trilogy. Hope they come out soon. The book is full of MAGIC! There is never a dull moment when you think you want to quit reading. It holds you, and tight. The book has just a little violence, death and sadness. Parents read this and decide if you think your younger readers should read it. Jetsam had lost everything, his family, his birthright to go to the School of Magic. He met up with a gang of orphans. They went through the tunnels under the city to scrounge for food and anything they could find. This life is full of danger. Creatures that live in the tunnels, city guards who, for some reason, have no tolerance for. They overcome the adversity they face everyday. The create a home filled with happiness. Then the happiness is broken. His only hope of something even close to normal is a search that won't be easy. The bounty hunter is behind him and the- there is danger everywhere....... This book allows you to use your imagination and let it roll. About the Author: I’m a middle-aged man from Michigan who now lives in California with his wife and two rescue dogs. I work as a professional environmental engineer to pay the bills. I've been writing as a hobby since the mid 1990s. I started writing Crimson & Cream in 1999, and after lots of twists and turns, 13 drafts, plenty of rejections, the arrival of the 21st Century and the advent of online self-publishing, it's finally here. Whew! I received this book as a complimentary copy for this unbiased review.
  • Miracle Pie on June 01, 2013

    REVIEW: This book makes your heart feel warm and happy. Now the stomach is a different thing. It wants PIE. The characters were so real. They were friendly and their personalities were very strong. You felt like you were right there with them. The town of Miracle is a miracle. Everyone who visits or lives there is filled with it's magic. And, we can';t forget Happy, the good old Beagle. And the pies, you can almost smell and taste them... Well, there's Gabe, just one look and you don't have to say much. Heart slow down, Get yourself a copy of this heartwarming book and find yourself a quiet place to take time to read. The miracles in Miracle never stop. Wouldn't it be nice if everyone had a friend like Katie? She is always there and ready with her Everything Will Be All Right pie. So if you like to feel warm and nice inside, if you like pie (and who doesn't) then grab that book. A job well done by Ms. Ramer. I would give this book 5 Stars I was given a complimentary copy of this book from Smashwords for this unbiased review.