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My name is Benjamin Tiberius Russell, I am a lonesome Incubus who is rarely alone, yet still I wonder; "Who Am I?" I am insatiable, multi-orgasmic, wickedly endowed and bursting with an almost endless supply of mystical ambrosia percolating in my gonads. But, can I harness the parasitic demon that lives within me, laying in-wait for my singular moment of weakness that will allow it to rise up like a sleeping dragon to seize control of my body and soul?

I have a rabid appetite for carnality that consumes my every waking minute and of course my dreams too. Priapus, the demonic-slut that rages within me, has a ravenous hunger for Prana, the Hindu word for the life-force energy found in the breath and the sexual secretions of humans. An Incubus is notoriously bi-sexual and I'll feed on any available source of Prana, man, woman or any combination.

My life is a constant battle for control over my own body and emotions. I wonder, do I truly have control or am I just deluding myself because my ever rampant Incubus nature will always rule supreme? Can I have a lasting, meaningful relationship or nothing more than endless, gut-wrenching sexual encounters with no more substance than a puff of smoke?

Who am I, What am I - Man or Demon?

Yes, you heard me correctly, I’m an Incubus. In other words, I’m not entirely human. Folklore and the legends told to frighten children, tell harrowing tales of the demonic male Incubus and the female Succubus who invades your dreams to copulate with you while draining the life-force juices from your body.

To be honest, I’ve never particularly liked that word…demon; it evokes images of horns, hoofs and physical abnormalities that fortunately I don’t have. Except for the obligatory dragon’s tail, that every drawing/picture of an Incubus/Succubus must have, yes….if you must know, I do have a tail but it’s not visible all the time. Other than those minor differences, I’m really not so different from most humans.

Anyway, I prefer to think of myself as your friendly neighborhood supernatural being, I just so happen to have a tail.

Ok, before you get your panties-thongs-boxers and/or tidy whiteys all in a bunch about the whole me being an Incubus thing, let clarify a few things. Hmm, that’s an interesting mental picture, thongs all bunched up…I wonder if that’s even physically possible.

Anyway, I have to admit it; yes….it’s true that Incubi and Succubi do sometimes literally drain the life out of unsuspecting lovers while f-ing them to death. And yes…our kind did invent the wet dream( patent pending ) and it is also true that we are responsible for that expression; ‘Come and Go at the same time’. But, if you can manage to overlook those annoying little bad habits, we really aren’t so bad.

Actually, of all the supernatural beings, there are more of us hiding among the normal populace than there are the more ‘popular’ Vampires and Werewolves.

There are even more Incubi and Succubi out there than Witches, which is saying a lot because there are a lot of Witch-B's in the world. I think everyone of those “Real Housewife” reality shows has at least 1-2 real Witches or Succubi in the cast. I haven’t got close enough to one of them to feel their witchy energy or magic but, the way those Real Housewives suck the money out of their man’s pockets, when they aren’t sucking on something else; I’m betting big money that every one of them is an unhuman, either a Succubus or a broom riding Witch.

But, I want you to know that I have never personally f-d anyone to death, well…not exactly. I don’t think vampires count…do they? After all…they’re already undead…right? Besides, he deserved a final, lasting death. Anyway, that’s another story for another time.

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