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  • Solar Cycle 24 on Oct. 25, 2012

    I love Post-Apocalyptic stories. Unfortunately, I don't love this story. Mr. Bird starts with a good, almost unique plot line and then lets it get away from him. He has his hero bouncing from Washington State to California and back right off the bat, with little explanation about the 'Why' of the trip. He then ignores the trip itself - a perfect place to enlarge the story and add to the characters back-story. The book ended way too soon. I was just getting into the end-of-the-world part, when it was over. In fairness to Mr. Bird, the beginning of the story interested me greatly. He got a good start on establishing his characters, and setting the basic elements of the story. Sadly, the story ended before he took the opportunity to expand it. In conclusion, Read the story. Just don't expect Stephan King.