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  • Hidden Depths on Oct. 20, 2011

    Emma Holly is the Queen of erotic romance! She blends hot sex and emotional feelings better than just about anyone. The story she pens in Hidden Depths was the perfect blend of both. Shortly after the death of his father, the king of the wereseals, Anso feels the undeniable call to find his mate. Taking his lover Ty and two other guards he sets out to find her. What he finds is his true blood mate lying on a beach asleep in the arms of another man, but it’s not just any man it’s her husband. Ordering both be taken back to Oceana he claims he will find a solution there. Olivia and her husband, James, of twenty years have a good marriage and a healthy sex life. Lately though Olivia wonders if her husband is craving something more in their relationship. The two are deeply in love and can talk to each other about anything, but when she questions him he evades the topic. When she wakes from a nap on the beach after a bout of sex with James she finds herself in the arms of a stranger and her husband being dragged behind her by three other men. She is scared but there is something about the man that feels right. Claiming his throne and his true blood mate, dealing with royal politics, an angry husband and a disgruntled lover might be too much for most men. But then they wouldn’t be King Anso Vitul. I have to admit I was a little skeptical at the beginning of this book. Olivia and James have such a deep devotion to each other I wasn’t sure I would like bringing anyone else into their relationship. But when you have fate and an otherworldly connection on your side it makes things a little easier. There are a lot of unfulfilled needs for each person in the beginning of this story be it sexually or emotionally, that once brought to light made going forward easier. I felt there was a good balance of plot line, sex and emotions to keep the story moving. The sex scenes are scorching hot with a capital “H”, so when you start this book make sure you are not sitting in the doctor’s office waiting room or someplace like that. You may want to save this for a quiet evening at home with a nice glass of wine to drink and tall glass of ice water to pour over you when you start to heat up. The story is captivating and one that you will not want to put down once you have started it. So if you like your romances with hot men and even hotter sex with just a bit of kink thrown in,then Hidden Depths is one you won't want to miss.
  • Hidden Crimes on June 21, 2012
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    The Queen of Erotic Paranormal Romance is back with her third full length novel in the Hidden series and the plot is as exciting as the love scenes. Ok, who am I kidding, the love scenes are scorching! We are revisiting the werewolves of the Resurrection Police Department, with some were-tigers from the fire department thrown in to really make things interesting. Everyone knows cats and dogs shouldn't get along but when Detective Nate Rivera sets his eyes on were-tiger and Alpha Evina Mohajit, it will be clothes, not fur, flying. Ms. Holly is great at developing her alternate worlds and giving them enough "normal" things to make everything believable and recognizable. From her shout out to the incredible Dame Maggie Smith and Downton Abby, to going online and Oogleing someone (their version of Google) to being able to put a spell on your car's trunk to keep your groceries cool, she brings everyday things to life with just a little twist. Her secondary characters are as fully fleshed out as her main characters and add layers to her storytelling. Not only is the whole wolf pack back in action but now we get interesting, sexy firemen! I know I won't be the only one who wants to see a Liam/Tony hook-up! Of course if that does happen, my Nook will probably melt into a big pile of sexually satisfied goo. Can I just tell you how refreshing it was to read the female in the Alpha role? Nate may have had latent alpha tendencies but Evina was a full-on alpha and Nate had no problem accepting that about her. The scene where she dominates him in the bedroom has to be one of the sexiest, hottest things I have read in forever! It was interesting to see a POV other than the alpha and to get a glimpse into the psyche of thinking you should be top dog when you aren't. When you add in the mystery element that brings Nate and Evina together, it's both shocking and compelling, bringing in the mindset of people who are unhappy with their lot in life and are willing to hurt anyone else to get what they think they deserve. Ms. Holly did an excellent job at weaving the police procedural together with her inventive love scenes and making this book one that I could not put down. Some of my favorite moments are Nate's interaction with Evina's twins, like him making them breakfast and then thinking about changes he could make to his bachelor pad to make it more kid friendly. But one thing to keep in mind though… you probably shouldn't let Evina be in charge of breakfast…cereal and tuna?? EWWW. If you are looking for a HOT summer read, then pick up HIDDEN CRIMES and give inter-species love a chance! This review originally posted at The Romance Reviews.
  • The Billionaire Bad Boys Club on Jan. 12, 2013

    Trey and Zane are self made billionaires. They have been friends, partners, and behind closed doors they have been lovers since high school. Each having come from an abusive home, they don't allow anyone into their inner circle. Rebecca has been raising her twin brothers since her mother died and her father left them when she was sixteen and they were seven. Not wanting the boys to be taken from her she sacrificed her life to make sure they had what they needed to survive. After a brief encounter 10 years ago Trey still can't forget the woman he believes is his soul mate, now all he has to do is convince Zane and Rebecca that they three of them belong together. Simple, right? This was not an easy trio to bring together. They all had baggage and two of the three had their hearts so far behind walls to protect themselves I was pretty sure it was going to take lots and lots of C-4 to bring those walls down. Once again Ms. Holly has created a steamy, erotic and beautiful love story. She is the master at creating menage relationships that are believable. When I read her books I am so lost in the emotions that I never question if it could actually work. The sex scenes are erotic and hot, and while frequent I never feel they are gratuitous. The mystery that happens in the story was well written and there were really several people that could have been the culprit. I would have liked to have seen both Rebecca and Zane have closure with their fathers, both of those story lines felt unfinished to me. The only other problem I had is that Harvard doesn't give Athletic scholarships so there is no way that Zane could have attended that way. If you are looking for a well written erotic menage story with likable, believable characters then TBBBC should be on your list. Emma Holly is an auto-buy for me and I think after one book she will be for you as well.
  • Hidden Dragons on Aug. 20, 2013

    Emma Holly pens another magical addition to her fabulous Hidden series. This world has everything from Fae to werewolves to wereseals to humans. From royalty to blue collar workers. It's filled with humor and drop your panties sex. For me Holly blends the perfect balance of magical and sexual to keep me coming back for more every time! We are back with the wolves of the RPD, and this time we get more of the sexy Beta Rick Lupone. Rick encounters a full Fae, who right before she dies, tells him he is the protector and gives him this nifty little set of magical brass knuckles (I totally had a Witchblade flashback every time it is mentioned.) Rick isn't sure who the Fae thought he was supposed to protect...but he knows who he hopes it is. Half-blood Cass has just come back to Resurrection after living on the Outside with her full human mother for the last 20 years. The last person she expected to see on her door step, talking about dragons no less, is her secret high school crush Rick. The RPD gang is all back in this fourth installment and that includes Grant the gargoyle! While I love the main story, for me the thing that really brings this series to life are the secondary characters and the funny everyday things that happen. Everyone shops at Maycee's and gets their morning caffeine fix from the Star Brew's on the corner. If you are looking for something lighthearted and full of super smexy sex, then pick up Hidden Dragons...but after you read the other books in the Hidden series of course! Favorite line: Loving people wasn't just complicated; it was sticky.
  • Hidden Passions on Nov. 13, 2013

    Long Live the Queen....All Hail Queen Emma!! It's no secret that I am a fan of Emma Holly, I have professed my love for her books on this blog a few times, but seriously they are just that damn good! The world that she has created in the Hidden series has just enough mundane things in it to feel real but the otherworldly creatures are what give it it's originality. To say that I have been waiting patiently for Tony's book would be a flat out lie! I have been hoping for the hottie cop to find his forever guy since I finished book one. I really thought after some things that happened in Hidden Crimes that we might be getting a Tony/Liam hook-up but that is not the way things played out. But that's OK, because that means that I still have Liam's book to look forward to. Were-tiger Chris was grrrreat! He was so completely sexy and the first time that he and Tony hooked up I loved the way that he took care of Tony. I hated that he felt so afraid to come out and be his true self. I liked that Tony was laid back and didn't seem to let it bother him when people made comments, but when push came to shove he stepped up in a big way. Every book that I have read in this series that Tony has been in, he has always seemed to be the heart of the team. I think it's important when you have a series like this that you have a strong cast of secondary characters, some old and some new. Ms. Holly has a special gift of being able to blend these characters into the story line adding complexity in the simplest of ways. With each book that passes the characters become more real because of the addition of family and children, so we the reader feel like we are part of their lives and are watching them grow. For me, I know it adds to my anticipation for the next book and keeps me invested in the series as a whole. I am eagerly looking forward to the next book in the Hidden series and hope we get to spend some time under the sea, if not the the were-seals then with a new species. I also hope we get to spend more time with the dragons! I highly recommend this book if you are a lover of great stories that have some HEAT!