Bernice Burns


Bernice Burns was born in Oregon Bay, United States in the year 1981. Over the last few years, she has guided thousands of women around the world with her natural breast enhancement techniques which she now humbly shares in her book.

After all, she used to struggle emotionally in life as a result of her small breasts so she knows how they feel.

Not being blessed with big and round breasts after puberty, Bernice used to feel unattractive and extremely self-conscious. She found herself relying on padded bras and feeling less like a woman.

Fast forward to her adulthood, she continued to feel that way -- that something is missing -- even though she had a career and many people have told her just how beautiful she is.

Unsatisfied with her life, she decided to look for natural ways to grow her breasts. After crawling through the countless breast enlargement scams, she finally stumbled upon the natural methods which helped her increase her bust size from an "A" to a "C" in just a matter of weeks.

When news spread, her colleagues and their friends wanted to learn from her. With so many demands for her knowledge, she had to find a way to handle them without losing control of her time. And that's when she had the idea of writing a book.

Finally after months of deliberation and help from her friends (and her now husband), she has documented everything she has learned into her "Bigger Busts In Weeks" book.

Today, she stands proud of her figure and she has became the "go to person" for anyone who wants bigger, rounder breasts.

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