rebecca underwood

Smashwords book reviews by rebecca underwood

  • Ashley's Craving - Fantasies4U Book 1 on Jan. 30, 2013

    Amazing!! Ashley a slightly rebuffed married woman, has kinky desires and wants them brought to life, after finding a website that can make her fantasy a reality she types in what she wants and presses send...... Very hot and heavy, Ashley gets what she has always craved, with a little twist involved. Another pulse racing erotic read that will leave you wanting more. Jaxx is an awesome writer and you can't fault him his stories are always imaginative, descriptive and horny as hell. I'm addicted. MUST READ!!
  • A Night On The Town on Jan. 30, 2013

    Jason and Nicky, a married couple are going out for the evening to a posh invite only party, from the first page they are hot and heavy, and my god i felt like i was there. The writing is very descriptive and is narrated from the male character 'Jason' point of view which made this a very enjoyable read. Every woman wants to know what's going through a mans mind and you definitely get to know his thoughts and feelings while indulging in every fantasy possible whether that be him with one, two or more women or watching his wife with men and women. 'Wooooo someone come and fan me' A Night On The Town is very sexy and explicit. LOVED IT!! ABSOLUTE MUST READ!
  • Mom Is A Slut - The MILF Files Book 1 on Jan. 30, 2013

    WOWZER, Jennifer is one naughty mum who i expect is every young mans fantasy. Jennifer is an attractive woman who takes care of her appearance and loves attention. Attention she welcomes from Jonathon's friends. This poolside treat is very sexy and steamy! There are three parts to the MILF files (so far) with this being the first. Another corker by Jaxx full of wanton lust and passion, a must read. I 'm off to read part two. :-)
  • The Slut Unleashed - The MILF Files Book 2 on Jan. 30, 2013

    So we're back with Jennifer,(the naughty girl) and James her young lover and their illicit affair continues, they definitely step up the heat in this second part, their pleasure intensifies and they push each others soft boundaries. Jennifer is so enamoured with James and to heighten their desires even more she requests that he bring someone to join them for the evening, but James has a surprise for her! This will be one evening neither will forget. This contains threesomes, foursomes and female on female and copious amounts of alcohol. A groin tingling read. Hard, fast and raw.............................must read
  • Seducing Stephanie - The MILF Files Book 3 on Jan. 30, 2013

    Another smoking hot read. Jennifer wants to introduce Stephanie to James in a more 'intimate' fashion and therefore she and James hatch a plan to seduce her. Not that Stephanie needs much seducing when she sets her eyes upon James and his sizeable 'package', a lot of flirting and casual banter ensures. A sizzling rendezvous that will leave you wanting more. Well written and sexy as fuck i hope this series of books continues. This reader is a huge fan!