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B.G. Brainard’s passion as an historical fiction author is to bring the Hebrew Scriptures to life one book at a time through meticulous ancient Near East research and numerous excursions to the Middle East. Her historical novels sympathetically imagine the life of each character within the known parameters of the biblical story and historical record. The author lives in Oregon with her husband and divinely appointed Jeep Cherokee.

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What do you read for pleasure?
Murder mysteries, historical fiction, or obscure biblical treaties.
What is your e-reading device of choice?
My i-pad, which I especially love for reading the Hebrew Bible on.
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Grace in Exile
The historical fiction trilogy Grace in Exile is set in the ancient Near East cities of Babylon, Susa, and Jerusalem from the sixth to fourth centuries BCE. These stand-alone novels feature the biblical characters Queen Esther, the wise man Daniel, priest-scribe Ezra, cupbearer Nehemiah, and the prophets Haggai, Zechariah, and Malachi. These Jewish exiles rise to prominence during the reigns of the Babylonian kings Nebuchadnezzar and Nabonidus, and the Persian kings Cyrus, Xerxes, and Artaxerxes. Each protagonist is forced to navigate the deadly corridors of political intrigue, religious intolerance, and xenophobia, as they grow their faith in their Jewish beliefs and Yahweh Almighty. To stay alive they are forced to lean into the Lord of hosts and trust his loving-kindness toward them and their people, while they stay true to the God of Israel during harrowing times in Esther’s Song; Babylon: Center of the World; and Jerusalem Bound!
Esther's Song: A Novel
Price: $3.99 USD.
Jerusalem Bound!
Price: $3.99 USD.


Ezekiel: Son of Man
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 91,110. Language: English. Published: May 13, 2019. Categories: Fiction » Historical » Ancient
Ezekiel was among the Israelites exiled in Tel Aviv, on the banks of the Chebar, in Babylon. Here the heavens opened and Ezekiel saw the appearance of the likeness of the glory of God. Then Yahweh told him to stand up on his feet and he would speak to him. For he was about to send him to a rebellious people, and whether or not they listened to him, they would know a prophet had been among them.
Jeremiah:Too Young
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 78,180. Language: English. Published: April 12, 2018. Categories: Fiction » Christian » Historical
Jeremiah son of Hilkiah was twelve when Yahweh called him to be a prophet. He felt too young, but God said to not be afraid. When the king of Babylon sieged Jerusalem, Jeremiah told the nation to submit, go into exile, and all would be well with them. His people did not listen to the word of God, but he stood firm in his belief that God would indeed restore them to their ancestral land.
Isaiah: Here I Am
Price: $3.99 USD. Words: 91,390. Language: English. Published: March 13, 2017. Categories: Fiction » Christian » Historical, Fiction » Historical » Ancient
Isaiah: Here I am imagines the life of the prophet Isaiah hinted at in the vision he saw concerning Judah and Jerusalem during the reigns of Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz, and Hezekiah. He is called to preach repentance and hope to a people of unclean lips, who do not understand or perceive God’s message of salvation with the support of his family, disciples, and fellow prophets Jonah, Micah, and Hosea.
Jerusalem Bound!
Series: Grace in Exile. Price: $3.99 USD. Words: 90,470. Language: English. Published: December 19, 2015. Categories: Fiction » Historical » Ancient, Fiction » Religious
Jerusalem Bound! continues the story of the wise man Daniel’s household journeying from Babylon to restore the Temple of Yahweh, prompted by the prophets Haggai, Zechariah, and Malachi. Ezra the priest leads a group of exiles to Judah, and then instructs the people how to live. Later King Artaxerxes allows his cupbearer, Nehemiah, to restore the Jerusalem wall to the consternation of his enemies.
Babylon: Center of the World
Series: Grace in Exile. Price: $3.99 USD. Words: 86,260. Language: English. Published: December 13, 2015. Categories: Fiction » Historical » Ancient, Fiction » Religious
The book opens with the biblical Daniel living in exile. The devout wise man is able to interpret dreams, visions, and the handwriting on the wall that foretells the imminent fall of Babylon. The army and siege engines of Cyrus are soon at the city gates with the endorsement of the foreign gods. In the midst of this confluence of divine activity, Daniel stays true to the God of Israel.
Esther's Song: A Novel
Series: Grace in Exile. Price: $3.99 USD. Words: 89,190. Language: English. Published: December 1, 2015. Categories: Fiction » Historical » Ancient, Fiction » Christian » Historical
Esther’s Song: A Novel imagines a preteen Jewish orphan suddenly having to navigate the lethal corridors of the royal harem, withstand palace intrigue, and overcome religious persecution to marry Xerxes, King of Persia, and save her people from extermination. Dr. B. G. Brainard’s extensive knowledge of ancient Near East history brings rich detail to the familiar biblical account of Queen Esther.

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