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  • Never Too Late (Changes #1) on Aug. 01, 2012

    I enjoyed this book and have recommended my wife to read it because it reminded me so much of The Archers, which she used to enjoy on the radio before it turned into East Enders. Maggie McTavish is the rock round which her family swirls, and who is a mainstay of the village. And yet so many of them do not realise it. When she realises how some of them, especially her husband, are letting her down, she becomes a little more assertive. And suddenly they realise just what a treasure they have among them. Fortunately there are people like Maggie around to maintain our faith in human nature. There were so many characters I was losing track of some of them a bit - I don't know how Jay Howard kept them all in line. An excellent first novel. I look forward to the sequel. And yes, my wife has just started to read the book.