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We're Bill and Sarah Giles and together we have written a series of three different book types for Smashwords. We are proud that they are all based on our own experiences and will give you good down to earth information on the relevant topic.

One of our series of books is aimed at children, another about our travels throughout the world and a third on how to get along in these difficult times, we call them lifestyle books. It is important you understand that the information we impart is what we ourselves have experienced and feel is very relevant to you the reader.

Sarah taught school for over 25 years working with children of all ages and eventually owning her own Kindergarten. Using this experience, Sarah decided to write a series of books for children. We cover myths, legends, fairy tales, nursery rhymes and the Ella and Tom real life child experiences stories. They are all meant to be fun for kids and we hope the unique rhymes make this so. They are in easy to read format so you can read them to your children and then they can read them alone. Some are aimed at pre-school children and others for those up to 10.

When our children were bigger up we decided to do something more exciting than continuing in our established careers. We wanted to experience more sunshine with an outside orientated lifestyle. This prompted us to start looking at purchasing properties abroad to renovate or reform. This meant we have had many adventures and are still doing so, in foreign countries whilst enjoying and experiencing the different ways of life. Our Adventure Travel stories about Brazil, France, Ireland and Spain come from these hotbeds of life experiences.

On our foreign travels we are especially fond of discovering different food and drinks and trying to learn the language. We also like to explore each country learning more about the people and customs. We find Brazil particularly fascinating, the more so because it does seem to be the country of tomorrow.

Our Travel Guides grew out of this as we ourselves experienced the need for more personalised up to date information based on using the e-reader. Our First Step Guides aim to tell you what you need to know in a concise and clear way with lots of internet reference materials. Our Travel Tips give you fast, immediate access to lots of information which you need to know about your trip.

Our lifestyle series of books have come about through you, our readers contacting us and asking for our advice on various topics... Counting the pennies is a good example of this, as well as how to get children to do better at school.

We hope to write many more books on our current themes and look forward to publishing them for you on Smashwords. We do appreciate your feedback, so just contact us!

Thank you!

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