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Smashwords book reviews by Jason Collins

  • EVIL CAMP on Sep. 25, 2010
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    I wish I could say that I was the inspiration behind this book (as I am for most of this fine author's "Jason Starr" books) but alas, I am not. Well written and if you know the author like I do (which you don't!) you'd know that he had a blast writing it and his sense of humor, intelligence, and wit really come through. Well worth the dollar!
  • Adventures In Camping with Scoop Jackson on Sep. 25, 2010
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    Just the facts Ma'am! Yes, Mrs. Kania is correct. Believe it or not these stories did actually happen and I've seen the spiders get eaten live before, it's unbelievable! Another good book from Scoop that's well worth the time (and dollar!). Also can be used as a literal guide to camping! Thanks Scoop!