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  • Spirits Rising on Feb. 28, 2012

    Rachel has a special bond with what she calls "the Other", the world of spirits. Her gift is a blessing and a curse. It is one of the reasons why she came to the outback of Canada, as far away from everything as possible. When the son of the local religious zelot brings a bunch of viking spirits back to our world and calls upon her to help him get them back to where they belong, all hell breaks loose. Together with her bone old landlady and her best friend in the Canadian mounted police Rachel has to do everything she can to get everything back to normal. The main character of the book is slightly eccentric, with a lot of self-mockery and humor. The book is well written, the setting very credible thanks to the smart use of local references, the side characters are of flesh and blood. You read it in a heartbeat and that is its weak spot: the book is so short you just know there could be much more to it. The story has too little to be called a book but you can't but look forward to the next episode.