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Smashwords book reviews by bishopuniverse

  • 20 Million Leagues Over the Sea on Aug. 31, 2015

    I Couldn't Put it Down Despite the fact I’m an avid reader I can’t remember a time in recent memory where I’ve been so captivated by a book. It’s one thing to find a quality book that passes the time nicely; it’s quite another to be thoroughly engrossed, telling yourself “just 5 more minutes” time and time again. On the day I finished "20 Million Leagues Over the Sea" I put in nearly 2 hours of reading, wishing I had the next book in the series to keep reading. Beyond the sheer enjoyment, "20 Million Leagues Over the Sea" is full of history, science, and connections to other fiction works that add a great deal of depth and spark to the imagination. The eBook format is brilliant as I found myself selecting names of people and technologies that were instantly available from the dictionary or wikipedia, adding even more enjoyment to a strong selection. I will definitely be grabbing my copies of the subsequent books in the series when they are released. This was time well spent.