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  • 45 Free Reiki Attunements on April 24, 2012

    This blessed e-book is a must and a Godsend for all of us out there who have been called on to be healers or at least connect to the healing energies, but have let the price tag stop us on many occasions. The author states right in the beginning that his biggest reason for writing this book was to make the glorious energies of the different modalities available to everyone. Since I had been attuned to some of the healing modalities already I had a sense of what to expect when it came to receiving distance attunements and I must say the ones I did choose went in smoothly and easily and felt oh so good. I would recommend this excellent little gem to anyone wanting to heighten their spirituality on a bunch of different levels. Thanks Chris, for the enlightening experience. Love & Light, Riki Frahmann