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I am 25 yrs old with a hubby and two children. We live in a small town that has a total of two traffic lights. I love to read and write.

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  • Intentions of the Earl (Regency Historical Romance) on Feb. 25, 2011
    (no rating)
    This book was witty and refreshing. I would recommend it to any who loves a good story. Agreeing on terms to ruin a young lady, the earl never imagined that he would develop feelings for the chit. When everything starts to unravel he has to make a decision and she has to over come her stubbornness. The characters are well written, the story is cleanly written and very enjoyable.
  • The Case of Billy B on Feb. 27, 2011

    I bought this when someone referred it to me. This is a great book. Very emotional and powerful true story. It is nice to read something that involves a father raising his son when the mother left, not the other way around. I don't see these types of stories very often. I would recommend it to anyone that would find themselves in a position of having to raise a son and protect him alone. Very touching and close to the heart.
  • Dinosauria - Part I: A Memory of Time on March 01, 2011

    If you liked the Lost, then you will like this book. Time travelers end up on an island with Dinosaurs! This is a good long read that will keep you interested and on edge waiting to see what happens next. This really the first Sci-FY that really perked my interested. There are also two more books in this series that I am jumping into next!
  • The Mermaid Princess on March 11, 2011

    The family was going on vacation, but the girls got way more than they bargained for. The characters are well written and the story is unique. Usually when you hear of mermaids, its is not believable. The author took great care to find a new story that I haven't heard before. It was descriptive and draws you in. I couldn't put it down! It says young adult or teen, but I am neither and fully enjoyed it. I would love to see other books that would go along with this world from this author.
  • Lavender Love Diaries Vol. 1: Lesbian Sex Fantasies on Nov. 09, 2012

    Hot, hot, hot! The book sexy and erotic. These selections of fantasies are excellent, the imagery was epic and sensual. It was very intense and organismic good. The stories were short, sweet and to the point! Just the way I like it. I will be reading volume two shortly and I highly recommend this.
  • Lavender Love Diaries Vol. 2: Lesbian Taboo on Nov. 09, 2012

    Better than the first volume! The first volume was hot, this is just downright steamin! Another selection of 10 hot and short, sexy stories that are just exploding with awesomeness. It was well worth the price and something I will be passing along to my friends. I very much enjoyed myself reading this! :)