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"Fine publishers of quality Horror, Science Fiction, & Fantasy. Fiction and non." We specialize in Horror & Urban Fantasy and related genres, both in print and ebook.

Black Bed Sheet Books/Diverse Media
Acquisitions: c/o Acquisitions Department. Estab. October 2008. Publishes hardcover and trade paperback originals and reprints, and ebooks. Publishes 18-30 print titles per year, 20-40 ebook-only titles. Receives 40% of books from first-time authors; 80% from unagented writers. Pays average of 15% royalty on wholesale price for print books, 18%-50% on ebooks. Does not yet offer advance. Publishes book up to one year after acceptance, with an average of 6-8 months. Accepts simultaneous submissions. Publishes fiction and nonfiction of all types, but specializes in horror fiction.

Past titles: Forest J Ackerman's Anthology of the Living Dead(edited by J. Travis Grundon, contributors include Del Howison, Joe Moe, and Mr. Ackerman himself), Blood Orchard by S.D. Hintz, The Butcher Bride by Vince Churchill, The Gentle Art of Making Enemies by Kevin Mellor, The Last Church by Lee Pletzers. "In October 2008, I set into motion what it takes to establish a bona-fide publishing company out of my garage and two other offices inside my home, and became a celebrated innovator in today's book industry known throughout the world for what we do." --Nicholas Grabowsky, Owner/Founder/Editor-in-chief


Established in 2008.

"In October 2008, I set into motion what it takes to establish a bona-fide publishing company out of my garage. I submerged a great many years of my life into not only the art of writing as a profession, fiction as well as non, but into the entire process of taking something creative from typed manuscripts to computer documents to something scribbled on grocery store paper bags or napkins, packaging them into a bookstore-quality products and presenting them to the own works, as well as works of others, since 2002 under the name of Diverse Media. I decided that the time had come to take my publishing pursuits to the next level and to establish Black Bed Sheet Books as a credible, reputable, and successful publishing venture."

Meet the Business Owner:

Nicholas Grabowsky's novels of horror/fantasy, both as himself, as Nicholas Randers, and as Marsena Shane, have generated worldwide acclaim for over three decades and praised by many of today's most popular horror gurus in the literary world. He began his career in traditional publishing houses with brisk sellers in mass market paperback horror, and the last ten years have seen him hailed by many as a mentor and advocate to the smaller presses, which has become to him a personal passion.
His body of work includes the award-winning The Everborn, The Rag Man, Pray Serpent's Prey, Halloween IV (and its special edition), Diverse Tales, Reads & Reviews, Red Wet Dirt, The Wicked Haze, Sweet Dreams Lady Moon, June Park, Tale of the Makeshift Faire, numerous anthologies and magazine articles, a Nancy Reagan biography, with projects extending to screenplays, poetry, songs, film, and a wide variety of short fiction and nonfiction since the 1980's.

Quotes about Grabowsky:

"My Dear Nicholas: You seem to me---in a way that's entirely admirable----a man out of time. You're writing horror epics when the audience has become increasingly numbed by cinematic hokum and stale ideas. I salute you: your ambition, your dedication, your achievements, your blissfully complex imagination...." ----Clive Barker (bestselling author & director, Hellraiser, etc.)
"Grabowsky succeeds in making the whole world creepy...." ----Heidi Martinuzzi, E! Entertainment Television
"Grabowsky's writing is at times touching and emotional, however, his real talent is his ability to infuse his writing with a sense of dread and loathing that I have not experienced since H.P. Lovecraft..." ----Tahoe Daily Tribune
"Grabowsky has imagination to spare.....!" ---Sacramento Bee
"Impressive storytelling....." ----Wes Craven (Dir., A Nightmare on Elm Street)
“…..soon we’ll all be hearing about this Grabowsky guy….” ---Joe Dante (Dir, Gremlins, The Howling)
“Keep ‘em coming, Nicholas….” ----Stephen King
“All hail Grabowsky!”
“Grabowsky melds horror and Sci-fi with such expertise that I am left speechless.” ---Gorezone Magazine

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The Making of Black Bed Sheet Studios
This short film is a chronicle of one independent book publisher's journey to transcend the obstacles threatening to shatter his family and business by acting on his vision to make them both work together though the power of garage renovation.

Black Bed Sheet Studios Quick Tour and Update Fall 2015
This is a follow-up to our video The Making of Black Bed Sheet Studios where we take you on a quick tour of the garage apartment/offices of Black Bed Sheet Books, world-renown publishers of independent horror, science fiction & fantasy fiction since 2008!

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The Demon Seeds
You set the price! Words: 26,260. Language: English. Published: September 2, 2017 by Black Bed Sheet Books. Categories: Fiction » Horror » Weird fiction, Fiction » Thriller & suspense » Supernatural
(5.00 from 1 review)
Taylor and Jan have an edgy, exhilarating and dangerous occupation: they’re monster hunters. While they’ve endured many strange adventures in their Southern California/Los Angeles area turf, their latest is as harrowing as it gets….for they are about to encounter the nefarious bubog, the demonic offspring of the cult leader Bubog, an entity carrying the seed of the Dark Prince himself...
The Night They Got Out
Price: $3.78 USD. Words: 77,900. Language: English. Published: July 30, 2022 by Black Bed Sheet Books. Categories: Fiction » Science fiction » Military, Fiction » Horror » General
Don Girard has spent five years in captivity since the terrifying day a monstrous creature unleashed Hell, butchering hundreds, and turning his life upside down. Deep in a military complex, experiments continue with eight of the powerful creatures, but not all goes according to plan.
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A Scream in the Night 3
Price: $2.98 USD. Words: 38,770. Language: English. Published: February 5, 2024 . Categories: Fiction » Horror » General, Fiction » Thriller & suspense » Supernatural
Compiled and edited by Reyna Young (horror host Miss Misery), features stories by Boo Rhodes, Lindsey Goddard, Debra Lamb, Maureen Whelan, Rie Sheridan Rose, Margaret Elizabeth Brook, Tiffany Blem, Marjorie DeHey, and Danni Winn. Last Doorway Productions and Black Bed Sheet Books celebrate women in horror fiction again to bring another chilling, all-female horror anthology A Scream in the Night 3!
Tales of Hip Hop Horror: Thug Death
Price: $2.98 USD. Words: 10,120. Language: English. Published: November 24, 2022 . Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » Urban, Fiction » Horror » General
Welcome to the dark world of Hip Hop, where in order to survive you must close your eyes and tell yourself it’s only a book! Climb into the stories that will be stuck within your mind after the pages have been read. Forever haunted by the words that Tales of Hip Hop will slice you with and leave you wanting more….
Price: $1.25 USD. Words: 28,300. Language: English. Published: November 27, 2021 . Categories: Fiction » Classics, Fiction » Horror » General
Carmilla is an 1872 Gothic novella by Irish author Sheridan Le Fanu and one of the early works of vampire fiction, antedating Bram Stoker's Dracula (1897) by 26 years.
Read Us or Die
Price: $1.98 USD. Words: 119,200. Language: English. Published: February 28, 2016 . Categories: Fiction » Horror » General, Fiction » Fantasy » Short stories
The first official publisher’s anthology featuring the exemplary talents of the authors of BLACK BED SHEET BOOKS! "Black Bed Sheet is not only a publisher of fantastically creative horror books but knows the meaning of heart and integrity....
Blessings from the Darkness
Price: $1.98 USD. Words: 77,200. Language: English. Published: February 28, 2016 . Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » Short stories, Fiction » Horror » General
Black Bed Sheet Books is proud to present an anthology of over 30 diverse authors with tales and poems to inspire, thrill and terrify! Blessings from the Darkness is an eclectic collection of horror, sci-fi, fantasy, heartfelt prose, and everything in between, by a talented and diverse group of writers and published authors in dedication of, and in support of, our dearest friend: Yvonne Mason..
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