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Buttontapper Press publishes humorous erotica, cheeky haiku anthologies, and ninja novells for e-readers. We are currently accepting submissions for our Sexy Shorts anthology. Find out more about what we're looking to publish at Buttontapper.com.

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  • Maynard Soloman vs. The Kidney Thieves (Funny Detective Stories #8) on Oct. 22, 2013
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    Maynard Soloman is at it again, and this time the Ol' Badger is behind bars for a crime he never committed! Or is he? Maynard finds himself mixed up with some shady dealers, The Craigslist, and even motel kidney thieves. What will he do this time to escape death, or a fate-worse-than? Full disclosure: I got to name one of the characters in this book, so I was eager to find out the fate of Dominique Détente. But my lips are sealed, since it's a pivotal plot point. Suffice to say, this time Maynard's in deep, and he'll need all his cunning to get out of this jam with his pickle intact. Are his beans toast? Grab a copy of your own to find out!