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I'm Janus, an I.T. graduate and working as a 3D Graphic Artist. I have a passion for books and have been an avid reader ever since I was seven years old. My blog, The Blair Book Project was something I created to show my love for books. I'm very much into Young Adult and Fantasy genre but I'm also open to other sorts of books.

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  • All's Fair in Vanity's War, Deadly Fairy Tales, Book 2 on Jan. 10, 2012

    All’s Fair in Vanities War is beautifully created mystical world were magic is a common thing and almost everyone has special powers, except for humans that is. So if you turn someone’s skin green and give them horns, they won’t scream and go hysterical asking what’s happening to them. And they won’t sue you as long as you put them back to normal. I’m not really a big mystery fan so I admit that I was a little impatient with the occurring events. It has also proven to be a challenge for me because I was completely unfamiliar with the culture this book has presented. The lore as well was another thing I wasn’t aware of so there were a lot of things I didn’t understand, thank goodness for the Internet! And thankfully Marx’s characters gave a brief history or a clue here and there about what they were talking about. Speaking of characters, I’d have to say Keleigh didn’t strike as an outstanding protagonist at first. I guess I get the idea because she’s still on the verge of discovering herself and her past seem to haunt her at times. Poor kid. Also she tends to try to blend in and in spite of the she-stands-out-no-matter-what sort she kind of lacked showing personality. Well at least until she begins to find out what she’s capable of. Locke on the other hand, was presented in a mix of personalities. At first he was all loyal and loving, then bitter and begrudging and then another whole lot of personality when he comes back home from college. I was really confused about who he really is and I totally get why Keleigh was reluctant about her feelings for him. I absolutely love Madi and the Seer, Wiz as well. They make really striking supporting characters and I think they played their parts really well. Go Madi! Moving on, I think the plot of this story is commendable. Despite it being completely foreign to me, it is also what I think made me hold on and keep reading. I really wanted to see how it would turn out. All the mystery and waiting was worth it when I got to the climax. Talk about an adventure! It was like watching National Treasure sort of movie with magical creatures. So awesome! The ending still left me with a lot of questions but I am coaxing myself to wait until the next book comes out. *Be patient, Janus. Be patient.* I’d like to thank Elizabeth Marx for the copy of All’s Fair in Vanities War and letting me have the honor to read and review her book.
  • Fairy Tale Fail on Sep. 08, 2012

    Fairy Tale Fail introduces readers to Ellie. A girl in her twenties who believes life is like a fairy tale, and she falls in love with the idea of a happily ever after – oh girl, are you in for a huge reality check! Fairy Tale Fail kind of reminds me of the movie, Legally Blonde. You know, the movie where this blonde girl gets dumped by her boyfriend, and she goes into law school where the guy is at and tries to prove herself so that he’d take her back. But in the end the guy’s a douche and she realizes she doesn’t want the guy anymore – something like that. I think (and correct me if I’m wrong) that this book is the shortest one I’ve read from Mina Esguerra. I guess that’s one reason I find myself speechless over reading this book – uh, dumbstruck (?) might be more appropriate (since I’m typing all this). It doesn’t have the kind of foundation or character development like the other books have. Ellie is a good character, but she’s not as memorable as the rest of the protagonists from the author’s other books. Same goes with the leading man, Lucas is okay. But I didn’t get to know him that much so I can’t really say I like him. But if I had to choose between him and Don, I’d say Lucas all the way. I’ve been with someone like Don, and I hated the way I was told I’m not ready for this and that because I’m not “dedicated” enough to the job at hand. Dude, seriously, lay off! Been there, done that! Trust me, they always think they know better on how you should live your life. What stood out for me while reading this is the way Ellie portrayed a strong kind of woman. She never really needed to change in the first place just so she could find true love. I think that’s one important matter that women should come to realize. So yeah, it was good, just too short. But I say, “Yay!” to women empowerment. :)
  • Love Your Frenemies on Sep. 13, 2012

    Kimmy Domingo is a b*tch. Everyone hates her. So when misfortune stroke and she got left by her fiancé days before their wedding, people thought she got what she deserved. Humiliated by what happened, Kimmy packed her bags, quit her job, and hopped on the next flight off to the States, cutting off all communications from everyone in her life. After a year of going MIA, Kimmy is back in Manila, ready to claim her life back. But where to begin?... Kimmy is not the typical heroine that I am used to. She was the villain in Mina V. Esguerra’s My Imaginary Ex, so I already had my mind set that she’s a mean person. I apologize for being judgemental, Kimmy. It’s difficult to empathize with a villain, but I’m really happy to see a different side of the character. Anyway, I guess I can see why everyone hated her. She was a bully in high school, and she knew it. When it comes to her job, she’s determined to succeed, even if it means stepping over people to get there. Although I find it an unappealing trait, I can’t deny there is confidence within Kimmy that not everyone possesses. She knows what she wants, and she rocks at what she does. I may not entirely like her, but with this book, Kimmy has earned my respect. While Mina Esguerra’s other novels are more on the romance side, Love Your Frenemies focuses more on the relationship between friends. Of course this book isn’t short on a love story and other issues, but I was really surprised about the story of how far a person would go to show how much he/she values a friend. There are many forms of friendship. Not all last as long as you’d hope. Sometimes even those that you think are the worst kind of friends turn out to be the ones you can truly depend on. This book proves that you really never know who your true friends are until you find them holding on to you in the deepest, most crucial part of your life, willing to lend a helping hand and keeping you afloat.