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The story of Blood Lotuz dates back to 2005 shortly after Skull Masta, Joopitr & Mazteryouz signed on with Coyotes Publishing. Shortly after the signing the debut release "Blood Lotuz - Book 1" was released into the world. Shortly after the release of that the group vanished, many thought that the group was never to be heard from again. Although truth be told that the group was looking to make a more of a unique writing style something that would capture the eyes and minds of everyone around. While trying to hone there skills and master the craft of poetry a 1 page release was dropped "Blood Lotuz - Red Majik" it was a mix of Black Magic & Poetry..

Blood Lotuz later evolved to Trillium Trio

The group retired in 2012

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Red Moon
Price: Free! Words: 410. Language: English. Published: September 19, 2011 by Coyotes Publishing. Categories: Fiction » Poetry » Canadian Poetry
Blood Lotuz haven't given a new release in over 3 years, well here is the newest release from the poetic group known as Blood Lotuz, bringing you "Red Moon". They mix dark poetry, sex and faith. Into this release.
Blood Lotuz - Book 1 - ReIssued
Price: Free! Words: 2,070. Language: English. Published: June 29, 2011 by Coyotes Publishing. Categories: Fiction » Poetry » Canadian Poetry
The reissued release of Blood Lotuz Book 1, which includes Red Majik

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