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I'm just a young adult that grew up just outside the city of Huntington, WV in a town named Lesage, WV. I'm a college graduate, & have a passion for telling a good story, so I figure I would take some memories, blend them with passions, dreams, and "what if" situations and see how it goes. Enjoy and hopefully you can bring back those old memories of your own and "remember when" when reading the first of three book in the Show Wolves Series.

Smashwords Interview

What do your fans mean to you?
My fans are everything since I am an independent YA/NA Author. It takes a lot to write, the reviews can be brutal but to reach out and touch just one fan to encourage them makes the difference. My fans have such a passion for the way I bring out the emotions of my characters that they connect with them. Even my older readers have been taken back to their younger days and memories of fun with friends, plotting pranks, getting away with things, just so much and that makes the biggest impact to me that my fans can connect and enjoy the ride from the age of 13 and up that makes it worth it to me.
What are you working on next?
I'm working on Shadow Wolves: Tears of Blood, it takes place 16 years after Youth Inexperience. It brings out the best in their skills, shows where the trio, Ginny, Andy, and the others how life has treated them. Some have become huge successes while others have been forced to alter or change their dreams. There's still some fallout from the chaos that takes place in Shadow Wolves Youthful Inexperience, but overall there are going to be more surprises, bigger explosions, major cities brought to their knees, a criminal system that shakes everyone to their core, and even a new way to look at things beyond what we believe can happen in stories. I'm going to make this the most important piece of the series that it jumps out to everyone who enjoys: love, sex, cars, fire fights, racing, and so much more.
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