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If you're selling something with less than 5k words, I won't even consider looking at it. You are much better off at at least 10k words. If it's watered down or amazon friendly, you also aren't looking too good.


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Smashwords book reviews by Michael Duke

  • I'm 18 Daddy! (Taboo Incest Erotica) (Daddy Daughter Sex Family Incest Virgin Breeding) on Dec. 07, 2016

    Pseudo should be added to all your book descriptions. I would also recommend removing the "breeding" and "pregnancy" from all of your titles and descriptions.
  • Sibling Rivalry on Jan. 11, 2017

    Amazing read. You have a real way with writing. I would have actually given 4.5 if given the option as the end of the story seemed a little cut off, but more importantly, I think it would have been most fitting if Alex had gotten her to beg him to be the only one to cum in her in front of them all as the ultimate humiliation and complete her inner turmoil.
  • Bred and Milked by Gorillas on Jan. 11, 2017

    Liked it. Was fun and captured multiple kinks.
  • Her Brother's Reward on Jan. 22, 2018

    Love that the author is branching out in the writing world by branching in! Keep it up!
  • A Little Accident on Jan. 24, 2018

    Love this kink, but the ones that throw in some forbidden aspects are best combo so this one stands out a bit more from most of your other ones. Good job.