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  • Confessions of a Gaming Attendant on Oct. 28, 2012

    Wow! A review like the previous one isn't exactly an easy act to follow. But here goes, the thing I liked about Confessions of a Gaming Attendant was how easy it was to read, the story flowed and progressed from one day and one bizarre scenario to the next, catching the reader up in it as it went along. All the while Mikey is stuck in one job after another that he perhaps doesn't want to be in, certainly not indefinitely and who among us can't relate to that? The characters are memorable but also easy to relate to as are their day to day struggles. I felt like the ending was satisfactory and am keen to find out where it will pick up from in the next installment. :)
  • Conquer Your Addiction on Oct. 28, 2012

    Yes, definitely agree with the author in one respect, Mikey's views and ways of getting at the truth sure are a blunt instrument but when it comes to the subject of addiction really, can we afford to be anything other than blunt? Believable and helpful advice from someone who's clearly been through it himself.