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  • Rock Chick Rescue on Nov. 10, 2011

    Hot, hot, funny, sexy and more hotness... Eddie is beyond HOT, great story, lots of action and humor and I mean it is funny laugh out load not caring where you are funny and did I already say that Eddie was HOT? BUY this book because if you enjoyed Rock Chick, you will DEFINITELY this book and the rest of the series!!!
  • Tightly Wound (SEALS, Inc., Book 4) on Nov. 22, 2011

    Mia Dymond sure packs a punch with this story. First up, Shadow is a HOT and SEXY piece of alpha-male and Claire is no wallflower. He loves her, she loves him, but is trying to protect him and so runs away. Shadow finds her and YOWZA, what happens sure made me wish i was Claire :) An excellent end to the SEAL Inc. series, if you haven't read the other 3 books, then you are seriously missing out on suspense, hot romance and did i say HOT men?! Can't wait for more books from this author!!
  • Blind Date Save on Feb. 01, 2012

    What an awesome story; sweet yet hot! Job well done Nikki James, can't wait to read more of your stuff!
  • Hot Number on April 26, 2012

    Well HOT DIGGITY DAMN!!! Now i normally say DON'T judge a book by its cover but in this case you sure can. Hot, sexy hunk on cover = awesome, sexy story on the inside! First up, i love stories that centre around Vegas... there is something about Vegas that brings about the loss of inhibitions, wildness and lots of hot, sweaty sex... hmmmmmm ... in this case we have the by-the-book, uptight, Math professor; Sadie who just wants to experience some fun in Vegas and she crashes quite literally into Nick, the gruff, sexy, ex-Marine with the panty-melting stare, casino security guard...ROAR!!! She wants him, but she's really inexperienced with men and he wants her, but his job prevents him from fraternizing with casino patrons... watching the build-up and then the giving in to all their pent up lust made me wish i was Sadie... DAMN, that Nick is sure has some moves... Hot Number was a remarkably sweet story with enough heat to melt the polar ice-caps and then some. Throughly enjoyed it and can i say, i have yet to read a book by this husband and wife team; V.K. Sykes that i haven't LOVED! Definitely looking forward to more from them in the future!!!