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Bobbie Crawford is the CEO, Founder, and Owner of Nurture Your BOOKS™.

We offer our contract-free support, author services and our expertise to a growing number of authors who require assistance with marketing, promoting and selling their books. As a Nurture Your BOOKS™ client you are backed by a hard-working, relevant company that works tirelessly to help you realize your publicity and marketing goals.

Marketing to your target audience, author, and book branding, advertising, and may feel like an overwhelming task if you don’t know where to begin. Nurture Your BOOKS™ is a supportive, customer-service oriented company that can intercede and take the worry out of the process by offering advice, well-informed guidance, professional author services and up-to-date marketing strategies. While you work with NURTURE, you can focus your creative energies on more important things, like writing your next book.

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  • Hippopotamus Sea; My Viral Sobriety on April 01, 2011

    Some might ask themselves why a person would choose to write and publish a memoir. It would seem that some do it for the notoriety, others for the potential money-making aspects of it; still others reveal their story to encourage hope and healing. To have the genuine wish to inspire others who are suffering, to find ways help them fight for strength and hope; a more pure motive would be hard to find. For some readers, this story may stir-up memories of their own past and for others it may be an eye-opening glimpse at an emotional roller coaster ride that one man called life. It could not have been easy for author Jared Bryan Smith to write so candidly about the problems from his past when they included topics such as substance abuse, physical and mental abuse and severe mental-health issues, but share his story he has. This book may not be suggested reading material for individuals who are suffering from emotional or mental-health issues as the author’s rather direct approach and plain-spoken style could be a trigger for some; should a mental health professional deem it appropriate subject matter for a patient on a case-by-case basis and for those who are ready, Jared’s story would do doubt be an incredible inspiration and offer hope to them as well. For those who are considering a path or are already headed toward a life of out-of-control partying and substance abuse for supposed “recreational purposes”, they may find Jared’s memoir a revealing glimpse into their future and the wake-up call that they have been waiting for. Hippopotamus Sea will quickly and actively engage the reader, making it very difficult to put it down. Due to some graphic language, dialogue concerning substance, emotion and physical abuse, it is recommended that readers of this book be 16 years of age or older. Copyright 2011 (c) Nurture Your BOOKS --- Bobbie Crawford-McCoy