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  • Ransom X on Nov. 04, 2009

    The author's sharp attention to character details makes this book a thoroughly satisfying read, coupled with a shocking twist to what would ordinarily be a ransom demand. In fact, there is no demand from the criminal who kidnaps young women for a fate truly horrendous. Martin Legace, an FBI interrogator whose own wife's murder has led him and his teen daughter to a deeply troubled and paranoid existence, is forced to take on a missing person case led by over-achiever Agent Wagner, not by her demands but his own demons. As the plot unfolds, we continue to climb into the characters minds and to understand their every move and thought as they follow a trail that leads to a deadly Internet game. The author succeeds in bringing us down the path to the unspeakable crime, all the while finding ourselves walking with them, be it the two FBI agents or the criminal. And sometimes it takes us to places we'd rather not be, yet we have to go. I sense Legace's character is good for many more stories.