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Smashwords book reviews by Bob

  • The Gauntlet on March 14, 2013
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    I downloaded your book and read it without stopping. It was very real and allowed me to live your adventure with you. I too was in Nam, in the rivers transporting Marines up and down the Delta. My 2 year adventure was black and white compared to your living color reality. I can remember saying something like this to my buddy as we flew out over DaNang..."If I ever see this place again I'll have to kill myself if you don't do it for me." I was never so glad to leave a place as I was DaNang that day. Within less than 100 hours I was sitting in a restaurant in Warren, Michigan at a home coming party given for me trying to sort out my last memory of images of a Vietnamese man pulling his belongings behind him on poles while his wife and 2 naked little barefoot kids followed as they left a burned out village behind and went further into the jungle. I just couldn't sort out the differences of our two cultures... dying people in constant crisis vs. laughing party goers who couldn't acknowledge a real war was raging while their dinner parties roared on... So your book brought back many memories as well as entertained me with your vivid pictures and events, Thanks...