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Originally from central California, I successfully made the transition to Colorado in 1981, and have remained here ever since.

I first began writing fiction in 1997 while on a bowhunting trip to the Sangre De Cristo Mountains of beautiful central Colorado. The desire to write that initial novel just kinda flared up after having read a few books by the late Author/Evangelist, Al Lacy. I wrote that first novel, MUSTANG JUSTICE, on a notepad with a #2 pencil (well...a few pencils really). After receiving the usual rave reviews from the wife and family, I decided I was a writer and steadfastly began entering it into the computer.

The next logical step was to have someone other than family read it. Boy, did that ever turn into a chore. Although that person liked it as well, her initial reaction was: 'Where did these people come from?' That question was answered satisfactorily after completing what had began as a tedious task at best, but quickly transformed itnto the exciting and joyous experience of writing the first three books in the Arkansas Valley Series: TOWARD A NEW BEGINNING, UNCERTAIN TIMES and SHATTERED DREAMS; MUSTANG JUSTICE turned out to be the fourth in the series.

Of course this entire endeavor had to have been Al Lacy's fault, because he lit a fire somewhere deep inside my soul after going to lunch with me and allowing me to pick his brain.

One thing led to another and I eventually self-published TOWARD A NEW BEGINNING, which was not only the first self-published work to become a finalist for the prestigious Christy Award, but won the 2003 award for 'Excellence In Christian Fiction'. Note: Mr. Lacy graciously wrote the introduction for that book.

Since then, I have managed to write in excess of thirty-seven full-length novels.

With that in mind, I'll say my genre interests are not limited to Christian Westerns. I have additionally written books in such genres as: Adventure, Sports (baseball), Civil War, Gold Discodery, and various other topics as the urge strikes me. So far my interests have been strictly fiction and will continue to be for the forseeable future.

Back in the day, I served five and a half years in the US Air Force, as a jet fighter mechanic, during the Vietnam conflict.

My wife of many years and I have five wonderful daughters and seven, count 'em, seven grandchildren and one great granddaughter. We now reside in Widefield, Colorado, with one of our grandsons, whom we adopted.

I am now retired and enjoying the freedom to write when and wherever the notion grabs me (which is usually everyday and just about anywhere I happen to be).

Feel free to email me at: bobthebookbuilder@gmail.com with any questions, concerns or suggestions. I truly hope my work brings a bit of joy into your life, but you may have to wipe away a tear from time to time in order to get there.


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