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Robert W. Cornell ( Bob)
4401 Pinetree Close
Cumming, GA 30041
(770) 781-9613

After attending and graduating from the University of Georgia with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Animal Science in 1961 I chose to become a Technical Representative for W.H. Curtin . W. H. Cutin was a distributor of laboratory apparatus and chemicals. I discovered shortly that Technical Representative was short for salesman in the dialogue of this company, so I began to “push” balances, where much to my surprise I became the leading salesman.
I remained with the company until 1970 (61-70) and then entered the field of real estate. I had been told that I would accumulate a vast fortune. Upon spending $10,000.00 and seeing no fortune in sight, I founded my own company in 1972. This company was Jasper Janitorial Services which transformed approximately 15 years thereafter into C/F Janitorial Services. The latter specializes in the restoration (in other words-stripping and waxing)and maintenance of resilient tile flooring. ( the kind of flooring you see in most grocery stores and drug stores).
C/F is a small company having only one employee. The following may sound self-serving, but I recently retired from C/F to devote the majority of my time to writing.
In view of my lack of knowledge in the area of resilient tile flooring and the access others had to information in this field I began writing in 1996.
My research was rather comprehensive and I finally introduced “Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Resilient Tile, But Were Afraid To Ask”. I have self published this work and have sold about 2 dozen copies.
Needless to say, the effort on my first work got me “hooked” on writing.
Writing is hard work, but I love it.
I have written columns for local newspapers, The Forsyth County News, The Forsyth County Forum , and the North Georgia Star. The latter of which I became a columnist.
I attend church . (my wife calls me a CE special)!! She sees me attend only on Christmas and Easter.
I am married ( 52 years ) and have two great daughters who have given us three wonderful grandchildren.
My interests other than writing are 1) inventing stuff for which I have been issued 5 patents 2) collecting VHS videos of which I have approximately 900 3) reading and 4) playing the drums.
Although I am a party of one which thinks I am the greatest author in existence, the reality is that I try to be as good a writer as possible.

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When you're not writing, how do you spend your time?
To be blessed with two endeavors, as I, is probably asking way too much. However,I have. They are writing and inventing. So consequently when I'm not writing I am following the other.
What inspires you to get out of bed each day?
The alarm clock wakes me and it is so easy to roll in the opposite direction and return to the land of slumber. But, I know that I have been issued another day to be creative, so I don't.
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