Bolaji O


Bolaji O is the best-selling author of HERO Academy,
and founder of Brave Little Heroes Media.
Brave Little Heroes Media is the world’s #1 source for
incredibly immersive hero adventures that help kids discover their inner-awesome.
Bolaji’s journey from Fortune 100 corporate marketer,
to best-selling author, was inevitable:
A visit to Disney World at age 9, all the way from Nigeria,
instantly ruined his parents’ aspirations to raise another doctor.
From draconian dragons to ghastly gargoyles,
from venomous villains to cranky creatures,
Brave Little Heroes will have your kids saving the world by bedtime.

Colorfully illustrated and full of adventure and humor,
Bolaji’s Brave Little Heroes will empower your child to
find their inner-awesome.

Brave Little Heroes serves a global audience in 20 countries across 5 continents, including:
The United States,
United Kingdom,
New Zealand,
Mexico and
South Africa.
The Mission.
Brave Little Heroes’ bold vision is to empower 10 million kids to find their INNER-AMAZING,
through incredibly immersive hero adventures.


Unlike TV, video games, or the most popular comic novels today –

We empower your kids to protect themselves from:

Bad KIDS (bullies)
Bad ADULTS (stranger danger)
Bad CONTENT (“mature” content)
Bad THOUGHTS (low self-worth), and
Bad DECISIONS (peer pressure)

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