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  • Aversion (Book One of The Mentalist Series) on June 17, 2013

    Firstly, Id like to thank Kenechi Udogu for giving me this book in exchange for an honest review. WOW what a great read. When i intially signed up to review this book my first thoughts we that the blurb sounded good and cover look good but never did i think it was going to be this GOOD! what a pleasant suprise. Kenechi Udogu ticked all my boxes with this book: Romance, Mystery, we learn about things along the way with the main characters and those things that are already known to the characters are explained to us in the beginning, Tragedy, Happy ending and so much more but im getting a little ahead of myself. Our leading lady is Gemma Green a 15 year old girl who is a social outcast of her own accord. She is an Averter which is explained to you in the very first page of the book so you dont have to guess but basically means she can alter or persuade peoples thoughts for eg. if she gets a jolt from someone she usually sees a glimpse of something that will alter that person forever, now it is her purpose in life to change these decisions and alter the outcome. She is also the only female averter but that is only the beginning of gemmas problems as the people whom she averts are to never remember seeing or hearing Gemma. Enter our main man Russ. Whom is to be Gemmas first aversion and although she followed all the steps taught to her somehow, something goes askew and our story really begins. Russ is a talented, popular, cute boy from Gem's school whom like everyone else has never spoken to Gemma. That is until the day after her failed aversion when he suddenly wants to get to know her and befriend her. He confesses that he cannot stop thinking about her. Is it the botched aversion that has gemma on his mind or is there other things at play in this wonderful, romanctic young adult book. Now down to the nitty grittys. The only things i have to mention that i didnt like (there is usually something, these however are small) was that i felt it wasn't long enough and that i havent been able to find out when the next book is out :( I highly recommend this book for those whom want a short but fun read.
  • Sorrow Woods on July 29, 2013

    Firstly id like to thank Beckie Stevenson for giving me this book in exchange for an honest review Thank you Beckie for taking pity on me after i begged you for a copy because if you hadn't i would have left this on my to-read shelf for god knows how long and would have kicked myself for it, so you saved me days of self loathing LOL. This was a wonderful book about a young girl named Serena who's world gets turned upside down by a boy named Kaiden and thrust into a life whe was meant to live but was stolen from her. She must find the strength to sort between the thruths and lies told to her throughout her life while trying to fit into a place she has only read about in books. I liked Serena and thought even from a young age she was starting to recognize things weren't quite right with her life and although she has lived apart from civilisation all her life she adjusts well and realises that just because her surroundings are different doesn't mean she is. An example of this is when she says: "I glance at myself in the mirror and notice that my green eyes sparkle, just like they did when we were in the wookds. I'm still me. I'm still serena. I'm just cleaner, have nicer smelling hair and now know that i've bee lied to most of my life" I can only imagine what Angela and Auden went through and can't believe Lydia (the crazy B***H) did everything out of a warped sense of jealousy and entitlement. Oh and id also like to state for the record i still wanna round house kick Anastasia in the face. I was so glad we got that juicy little bit in the epilogue because i had being dieing for it since Kaiden and Serena met. Highly Recommend!
  • Dissever (Unbinding Fate Book One) on Dec. 17, 2013

    As soon as i started reading this book i couldn't bring myself to stop. I was given this book in exchange for an honest review and have to say a big THANK YOU to ms firman for writing such a great book. The story revolves around our leading lady Addy whom comes from a long line of overseers whom are essentially a guardian per se of the overseers stone which contains the power of a group of beings called akori whom look like humans except for blue markings on their hands. They also have varying abilities that the overseers stone blocks. Addy and her grandfather are the last of the overseers and once fate (addys grandfather) dies Addy is expected to take over. This is a very large responsibility and although she has been training to be the overseers her whole life alot of people are sceptical as she will be the first female overseer ever ( no pressure right lol) A group of rebel akori called mesen have a theory that by killing the last remaining overseer and destroying the stone all there power will be returned and no longer will the akori scatter (instead of being killed as they are immortal or when they use up all of there limited power they disappear for 20 years) If all of this isn't enough to deal with throw in a hottie whom she has known her whole life and suddenly seems to notice her in a more then friends way and a sexy mysterious hunk who has been drawn to the estate where she live and she connects straight away with. All of this on top of heart breaking betrayal from those she cares most about and twists at every turn. What is not to love about this book. I now shall have to go and buy the other books in the series to see what happens to addy next and if the guy I'm rooting for wins Addys heart.
  • Chrysalis (A World of Bid'A Ban Novel) on Jan. 12, 2014

    Firstly id like to thank Michelle Cornwell- Jordan for giving me this book in exchange for an honest review Ayda is an Achina, half human and half Thunderkin. A being which is created and not born and whom are created for a specific purpose. In Aydas case Cheveyo (ruler of Taawa - One of the three Territories) orders Ayda to be created to assassinate Adrian, the heir to Kuuyi one of the three territories in Bid'A Ban so that Cheveyo may rule both territories and unite Bid'A Ban once more. However after 2 failed attempts Ayda begins to realize that she no longer wants to end Adrian's life, which then leads her to believe that she is somehow defective since Achinas don't question anything they only carry out there purpose. She then decides to protect Adrian instead which also complicates things once they start to spend more time with one another and fall for each other. With the help of Al her Cheveyo's secretary she will do everything she can to make sure Adrian lives even if it means sacrificing everything. I enjoyed reading this book however for me there were a quite a few things I disliked which brought my rating down. For instance: The unpronounceable names and places - I understand Michelle was world building but every time someone or thing was mentioned I became tongue tied. Inconsistencies throughout, such as Ayda being the top Achina Assassin created and yet in the first sign of battle she didn't focus and when trying to get everyone to safety was to focused on god only knows and didn't make sure they weren't followed. The relationship between Ayda and Adrian wasn't detailed enough for my liking. Yes they liked each other then suddenly they were dating there was no description of how they got to know one another. Only 4 weeks later.. However after listing those things I didn't like I am still looking forward to book two and to see how Ayda and Adrian progress on there journey
  • Blue Dome on March 16, 2014

    Firstly id like to thank J.G. Gill for giving me this book in exchange for a honest review This story started off really good but right about the time she is attacked by giant eels the story takes a turn to strangeville and not in a good way. Considering it took me a lot longer to read then it normally does is a testament to how I just couldn't get into the book. Clare is a 16 year girl and one afternoon she comes home after school to find her house trashed the word RUN written in what looks to be blood on a mirror. Soon Clare and her older brother Bede find out that not only has Bede been accused of killing their father but that their stepmother Arlene has been lying to them from the first moment she met their father. Oh and they also discover that they aren't entirely human and that Clare may just be the ticket for an ancient being to destroy a world no body knew existed. The story is told from several points of view while Clare and Bede first hide from the police then try to find each other after being separated all while trying to escape and avoid a man named Demarge and people who work for him, as well as finding help from new friends and realizing old ones aren't so loyal.
  • Everlasting Bond on March 16, 2014

    Firstly I'd like to thank Christine M. Besze for giving me this book in exchange for a honest review Some spoilers ahead: The story revolves mainly around a young girl Katrina and her twin brother Jake whom are the key to stopping a centuries old war between vampires and werewolves. It was prophesized that once both were changed into either vampire or werewolf they would get there full powers (being born of a powerful witch) and the war between the two creatures would end, the winner being whichever creature the twins turned into. This is all revealed by the two new boys at school whom both twins feel a strange connection to and whom claim to be in love with each of them. Now while Jake seems to take it in his stride, Katrina finds it more difficult to believe such things and it is because of that, that the werewolves might just get the biggest break they have ever had of turning the woman who has alluded them over the years. Throw in a centuries old love triangle and this book should have been right up my ally it had all the things I love in a book. HOWEVER.. The problem I had was that for a heroine Katrina was pathetic. She was the epitome of damsel in distress and throughout the whole book I couldn't get over how she was always either crying, fainting or saying she doesn't want to lose herself!!!! If she had given anything a thought she would have realized that she would have discovered who she really was by learning from her past lives and opening up to new things which included the idea of becoming a vampire especially after finding out the people who you care about most are now vampires. Why would you not want to be with them? Why would you want to be the only one who is left human? If it hadn't been for my extremely curious streak and need to find out what happens in the end I definitely would have stopped reading after the first few chapters. It didn't capture my attention all and it felt rushed. One minute she was a normal human looking forward to getting out of a small town then she quickly learns about this whole prophecy and about vampires and werewolves. After about 47% of the way in it started getting good and I felt thankful I stuck with it. I felt like that right up until nearing the ending. The ending was horrible! Especially finding out that while you were barely surviving an attack at which horrible things were happening to you, your mother who was "recovering" from a car accident and who you hadn't seen in weeks was in fact now in love with your boyfriends dad and had voluntarily been turned into a vampire and so it seemed didn't have a care in the world while Katrina was being held against her will and almost forcibly turned into a werewolf. Since Cole, Jake and Andrew all came to her rescue why didn't her own mother? I'm sorry but that to me was ridiculous and I can't believe I'm saying this but for the first time I will not be reading the second book
  • Broken Ties (Prequel to The Mentalist Series) on May 21, 2014

    Firstly id like to thank Kenechi Udogu for giving me this book in exchange for a honest review 4 1/2 stars As a big fan of Kenechi's Mentalist series I jumped at the chance to read the prequel to the mentalist series. I really enjoyed seeing what Gemma's dad went through as 16 year old boy whom like all averters isn't allowed to have a relationship with anyone apart from their chosen child bearer. We had seen snippets of the story behind Paul in the mentalist series but didn't have this in depth view of what it was like for Paul and how they met. Lovely novella Kenechi, thank you for giving us an insight into Paul and Nora. They were so sweet and although I felt it did cut off rather abruptly, the story was well written.