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My name is Becky and i am a 20 year old book review blogger. I love reading so much and i love helping out others with my reviews.

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  • The New Girl Who Found A Dead Body on May 20, 2012

    I completely loved this story! I wouldn't change a single thing about it. The characters were great and the balance between romance and mystery was perfect. The romance didn't over power at all which i really loved. If you are looking for a good murder mystery this is definitely the choice for you, and dont worry you wont figure out who the killer is until its revealed, which i loved. Fantastic job Milda!
  • Elements The Beginning on Aug. 11, 2012

    Elements was a very different story for me. It was unlike anything I have ever read. It was a little hard for me to get into, because it is a fantasy (which I don't usually read) and the main characters who were twins were only 12. I did enjoy the story, though, because it has a really great creepy concept to it where dark forces can take over your body and steal your soul, and I did enjoy how well the character development was. I will be reading the next installment in this series for sure.
  • Ties To The Blood Moon on Aug. 11, 2012

    I really liked Ties to the Blood Moon. It is pretty similar to other werewolf and vampire novels, but still different to be its own story and not just a "its just like BLANK" novel where you can easily compare it to another. I can compare parts of it to other books, but definitely cannot compare the story as a whole to another book. I really liked how independent Genevieve's character is and that she doesn't wait around for others to catch up, she goes after what she wants. I didn't care for William that much, and i understand why Robin Waldrop made me feel that way. The ending was completely unexpected and i never saw it coming. Sometimes it is good to guess and be right, but it is way better to just be surprised. Overall, very good novel.
  • Blood and Guitars on Sep. 06, 2012

    I really liked Blood and Guitars, but it just wasn't exciting enough for me. It has a nice leisurely pace to it, which isn't a bad thing at all, but when you are reading it for review and not just for personal enjoyment it effects the rating as terrible as that is. Another reason I couldn't rate this book higher was that there was a lot of information left out on this book, like the inside/outs of what being a vampire means. Every vampire story is different in how vampires are created to what the rules are for being a vampire to the history of vampires. Heather touched briefly on it, but it wasn't completely explained. I have a very good feeling it will all be unfolded for us in book two so I will have to wait and see. I really liked Trey and Aurora, the main characters, but again I just wish I knew more about Aurora because book one focuses a lot on Trey. Very good book, I recommend it for when you just want to read and get away from things and I hope to continue with this series in the future =)